A Night Of Spooky Howls

April 13 | 7:30PM
Jus’ Trufs
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Friday the 13th. Come over to get spooked as these ladies make you howl out loud... with laughter!
3 ladies and a gentleman.

Artist Line-Up

Shrirupa Sengupta
Sejal Bhat
Pooja Vijay
Subhashish Bharuka

Artist Description

Shrirupa Sengupta: Shrirupa Sengupta is a stand up comedienne who feels life must be laughed at,every minute.  Shrirupa Sengupta (Shri) burst into the Comedy scene in 2014 winning the Bangalore Finals of the MICF Raw Heats. Based out of Kolkata and Bangalore depending on the time of the year and the mood of her parents, she performs in the genres of Improv, Stand Up and Concept Comedy Shows. With a joyfully chaotic personality, Shri when not on stage or in rehearsals can be found burning things in the kitchen / putting her TISS-MSW degree to use, writing content / trying to shape shift into a cat and doing other such high energy activities.  Her sense of humour is confused, quirky and unabashedly self centred.

Sejal Bhat: A habitual hypocrite with unjustifiably high self- esteem, Sejal has an inappropriate sense of humour that hits you like a fresh fart in a library. This easily distracted Kashmiri firmly believes in having no concrete beliefs and in mocking those who do. It provides fodder for comedy and fills the void where her soul should be.

Pooja Vijay: Pooja Vijay, a Tamilian who identifies as a Bangalorean,decided to pursue comedy after she realized that she needed a hobby other than Facebook stalking. Through her comedy, she brings a fresh perspective to life as a stutterer (yes, just like the Nescafe ad!), the funny side of being South Indian living in Delhi and her failed attempts at romance. She has performed in multiple cities across India including Hyderabad, Delhi, Chennai, Mumbai and Kochi. She has been featured in leading media platforms such as NDTV, Femina and leading newspaper.

Subhashish Bharuka: Subhashish is a PR professional and runs his PR consultancy Springhead Communications in Bangalore. He has a flair for stage and has done various theater productions in Bangalore and New Delhi. For him stand-up comedy is more about his personal life experiences. He's recently started Comedy Barrel under which he'll produce shows, contribute towards making the comedy scene in India stranger and accessible.</br


Jus’ Trufs

9, Jakkur Road, Jakkur, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560064

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Sorry, this show is already over but head here for other fun events!