A True Tinder Tale

October 28 | 8PM
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"A True Tinder Tale" is the 95% true story of how two people, Shreemayee Das & Rohan Desai, met on Tinder and fell in love. Through the one hour, they take you through their experiences of matching on Tinder, their first date, falling in love, along with their anxieties and their families' reactions to it.

This show offers a new and unique experience that is feel good yet relatable, truthful yet funny and honest yet offering two perspectives at the same time.

Artists Info

Shreemayee Das

Shreemayee has recently started doing stand up. Sapiosexual. Wanderlust. Loves insulting people. Here for friendship.

Rohan Desai

Rohan 'Danger' Desai is a college drop out without a tech start-up or even a MacBook. But he has a compulsive need for creative expression through any medium (preferably legal). His stand-up is variously described as unique, surreal and what-the-f*ck-was-that?

His alter-ago 'International Comedy Star Rohan Desai' has won the Melbourne Comedy Festival and performed twice Down Under to widespread acclaim. But that is more urban legend than artist profile material. But hey, how many college dropouts get to have an alter-ego, right?



Rukhsana Manor, 237 B, Chapel Rd, Ranwar, Bandra West, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400050

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Sorry, this show is already over but head here for other fun events!