February 22 | 6PM
Gyan Manch
200 onwards
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The Baul songs are creations of Musical Expression combined with Spirituality and Yoga. It has been practiced and performed through generations since thousands of years, and continues even today. This living tradition of Musical Mystic Practice is evolving everyday through the contributions of contemporary Baul Sadhakas (Baul practioners) of Bangladesh and West Bengal. Baul is mainly an oral tradition, intrinsically connected to the practice of Yogis, Sufis and Mystics. The beauty of this tradition is that it washed away the boundaries of classification in music – every singer and musician adores these songs of great masters, being rendered on any occasion. It is a genre by itself - a living wisdom or spoken truth which serves the purpose of remembering, recognizing the flower of universal love which blossoms in everyone’s heart, devoid of caste, class or religion or any kind of human made boundaries. Baul music serves the purpose of music and poetry, where body is a vehicle to connect ourselves to the divine, to grow inside, and to nourish our thoughts with great courage and positivity.

About the Artist :

Parvathy Baul and Aklima Fakirani will share this evening to make a journey through the older songs by Fakir practitioners of Kushtia, before the Lalan Fakir. This musical dialogue will trace the songs that had inspired our great Baul master Lalon Fakir. in this concert there will be also space for people to directly interact with Aklima Fakirani and Parvathy Baul after their presentation. This evening is dedicated to the  wisdom songs of masters from both Baul and Fakir lineage from the both sides of Bengal which beyond any borders filled with compassion.


Gyan Manch

11, Pretoria St, Elgin, Kolkata, West Bengal 700071


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Sorry, this show is already over but head here for other fun events!