ACL Injury Prevention Program - by Dr. Mick Hughes

June 1 | 3PM
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Highlights of Webinar :

  • The presentation will be covering ACL injury mechanisms, ACL epidemiology, ACL injury prevention programs, and how to design an exercise regime for the prevention of the ACL injury.

  • Mick Hughes an experienced Australian Sports & Exercise Physiotherapist who consults at The Melbourne Sports Medicine Centre. He is the co-author of the Melbourne ACL Rehabilitation Guide.

  • Mick has worked as an expert of ACL injury management and ACL injury prevention with several elite sports teams like Collingwood Magpies Netball team, Newcastle Jets U20s Soccer team and North Queensland Cowboys U20s Rugby League team.

The following things will be provided to you for the webinar :-

  1. The webinar will be of around 2 hours.
  2. PPT will be provided from which the Mick Huges will be doing this webinar.
  3. Video recording of the whole webinar will be provided to you after the webinar.
  4. Certificates of participation will be mailed you within one week of time after the webinar.

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