Advance Photography Workshop

July 28 |10.30 AM
91springboard 8th Block Koramangala
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Improve your photography skills and also technical knowledge, Study the pro aspects of photography ranging from Advanced aesthetics, visual literacy, making panoramas and HDRs, trick photography

Get ready to love your camera and take your photography to a whole new level!


Learn advanced topics like Advanced camera settings, understanding light and advanced composition, the course takes you beyond the realm of amateur photography

Designed for you to discover how extreme and diverse Photography can be in terms of set up, effect and subject. With this workshop you are going to discover high speed, long exposure, painting with light, Advance tips & tricks.

You’ll also learn a fun technique to take your creativity to the next level, some cool camera customisations to save you time, and quick camera settings for capturing different subjects.


Photographers & photo enthusiasts who know the fundamentals like exposure modes (P,S,A,M or P,Tv,Av,M), AF modes, metering modes, shutter speed, Aperture iso, white balance etc. The only prerequisite to attend this workshop is that you must know how to use your camera in the manual-mode.

About this workshop:

You have been taking decent photos but want to go one level above the fundamentals and understand some advanced techniques & tricks in Photography. In this workshop, I will be teaching and asking you all to shoot techniques listed below. I will be reviewing your images as and when you shoot. Participants are also expected to have basic knowledge of shooting in Manual Mode. It will be a mix of Camera techniques & Tricks to take your photography to next level, with some practical’s.

Are you ready to take your photography game to the next level?

Understand what differentiates an OUTSTANDING from a GOOD PHOTOGRAPH

Workshop Outline :

Brushing up fundamentals so that everyone is on the same page

Advanced camera settings

Familiarization with all the controls in your camera

Understanding the exposure diamond (shutter+aperture+ISO+Flash)

Exposure bracketing, histograms, HDR, AE/AF buttons etc.

Custom white balance for the perfect colour

Focus and Focal Length, Hyper-focal distance

Using Auto ISO

Advanced focusing modes & Focus Points, Cross-Type Focusing Points

Colour space: sRGB & Adobe RGB 1998

Video Shoot

Learn Video Settings to shoot Video / Films from DSLR

Selecting Gears -

Crop vs Full frame camera / Pro Lances for professional photography

Introduction to special camera accessories

Understanding filters – ND, CPL etc.

Finding sweet spot of your lens

Understanding and using Light - Photography at the end of the day is capturing light and deep understanding of light is essential for mastering photography.

Understanding quality and play of light

Using natural light, continuous light and flash for photography

Understand the different types of FLASH (Speedlight) available

Setting up off-camera flash

How to set up a home studio without burning your pocket with Two-Speedlight with Wireless Trigger

Study of different light modifies/ diffuser/ reflector and its use.

Types of photography and their nuances

Portrait, Landscape, Wildlife, Fashion, Wedding, Architecture. Product, Food and Macro photography at a glance

Art of Photography Composition - Dissecting The Magic of Great Images and Storytelling

Learn the fine points of effective compositions - Finding effective compositions, using lenses effectively; seeking the best perspective

Knowing what makes a technically good photograph; identifying problems in images

Stories through your photographs

Guidelines for good composition


91springboard 8th Block Koramangala

2, 3rd Floor, Padmavati Complex, Nanjappa Reddy Layout, Koramangala, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560095

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Sorry, this show is already over but head here for other fun events!