Advanced Business Analytics using Excel

July 8 & 9 | 10AM
Venue to be announced, Mumbai
6500 - 7500
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Data is the new oil and a workshop on Business Analytics using Excel will help you extract the best of it.

This workshop will show you how to analyse any data and derive insights from it. You will learn basic and advanced business analytics techniques which will provide you with the best foundation to enter into the big, bad world of data analytics.

This is a great course for students who are pursuing Graduation/Post-Graduation and experienced professionals as well. This course is especially beneficial for students of B.E, B.Tech, B.Com, BBA, MBA & PGDM; IT developers & testers; data analysts; junior Data scientists; analytics professionals; BI and reporting professionals; project managers and professionals working with data in any industry.

Who is it for

The Business Analytics with excel is a great course for students who are pursuing Graduation and Post Graduation and experienced professionals who are uninitiated to or have recently stepped into the field of analytics. This course is beneficial for:

Students Pursuing B.E , B.Tech,B.Com, BBA, MBA & PGDM
IT developers & testers
Data analysts
Junior Data scientists
Analytics Professionals
BI and reporting professionals
Project managers
Professionals working with data in any industry

What does it cover

Course Content would be as follow:
Basic Excel Techniques: What-if analysis, Vlookup, Index, Match, List, Conditional Formatting & Mean, Advanced Pivot Table

Advanced Excel Techniques: Descriptive Analysis, Histogram & Charting, Correlation Matrix, Standard Deviation, Variance

Basic Analytics Using Excel: Regression, Hypothesis Testing, Normal Distribution, Forecasting, Net Present Value, Future Value, EMI

Business Analytics Using Excel: RFM Analysis, Customer Lifetime Value Analysis, Customer Profitability Analysis

What will be the takeaway

Certification: Course Certificate in Basic and Advanced Business Analytics
Career benefits :
The use of Business Analytics is widespread across all industries and functions, including Information Technology, Web/E-commerce, Healthcare, Law Enforcement, Banking and Insurance, Biotechnology, Human Resource Management. Some of the application areas include critical product analysis, target marketing, customer life-cycle management, customer service, social media behavior and link analysis, fraud detection, genetic research, inventory management, etc.Below a list of a few Business Analytics roles across industries:
Data Analyst
Business Analyst
Financial Analyst
Marketing Analytics Manager
Pricing Analyst
Supply Chain Analyst
Website Analyst
Fraud Analyst
Retail Sales Analyst
Clinical Analyst

Terms & Conditions

Sorry, this show is already over but head here for other fun events!