#AfterSchoolofHipHop launches online Graffiti workshop with Gauri Dabolkar

Multiple Dates | 11AM
Watch on Zoom.us


Let's scribble through the pandemic with our online graffiti classes - 'Basics of Design principles'!

To express your inner emotions with art, Gauri Dabholkar is coming with the online Graffiti Workshop to build your skills & embrace your creative mindset.

From the art to various typographic methods, learn with @gauridabholkar & explore the art of graffiti having basics in place.

Join our #StayHome Online Graffiti Workshop, which is free for anyone around the world.

Hurry up & be the next whiz-kid in the Graffiti town!

About The Dharavi Dream Project (An After School of Hip-hop)!

A Not-For-Profit running since 2014 in the by lanes of Dharavi - Asia's largest ghetto with the sole aim of empowering under-resourced Hip-Hop talent with resources leading towards grooming, mentoring, nurturing and creating a platform to showcase their true potential.

Through this initiative we are trying -

  • to help create and sustain an environment in which the under-resourced Hip-Hop talent may be encouraged and educated
  • to help and expand opportunities for the under-resourced Hip-Hop talent to have their works performed
  • to encourage an environment in which the common man has a better understanding of the value of music and its importance to the cultural and economic life of our society. 


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