Art and Science of Photography Workshop, Bangalore

March 11 - 12 | 9:30AM - 6PM
Toehold Travel & Photography Pvt. Ltd.
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Photography can help us discover the world, and ourselves in the process. But to fulfill this potential, you need mastery of your camera and some critical fundamentals. If you’d like to bridge the gap between what you see and what you get and build the knowledge into your muscle memory, and if you’d like to make the most of your camera, this is where it all starts: Toehold’s ‘Art and Science of Photography Workshop’. Join this Workshop and let us train you to be a sharp-shooter. Of the artistic kind. And the end of this Workshop will be the beginning of you as a photographer.


Master the basics and tame the advanced.

Photography is art as well as science. And this Workshop delves into both. Because we know exactly what it takes. That’s why it starts with the basics, polishes the nuances, delves into details, and addresses the advanced. In sum it will turn the camera and the concepts of photography into extensions of your body and mind. So matters of exposure, focusing and metering don't stand in your way when you wish to translate your glorious vision to an unforgettable picture. And that’s why the end of this Workshop will be the beginning of you as a photographer.


It may take several pages to enlist all the reasons. So here’s a concise, curated selection.

• Over 7000 enthusiasts trained. The strength of our record is the root of our confidence.

• A mastery of the art and science of photography. We leave no doubt unturned. Into clarity.

• Plenty of practical exercises within the classroom. Situations: simulated. Your skills: stimulated.

• Structured topics suited to all levels of learners. Proficiency at all levels. From all levels.

• Free reference material after the Workshop. Everything you learned. Explained again.

• Post-Workshop support. The Workshop’s not the end of our service. It’s the start.

• A certificate of participation. Because we like everything to be in black and white.


This Workshop will transform you as a photographer. Specifically, these are some of the things you'll be able to do right after it:

• Choose appropriate tools for your genre of photography.

• Use apt settings in any situation.

• Get sharp pictures in any kind of light.

• Make technically sound and aesthetically pleasing images.

• Use different techniques to achieve unusual and striking results.

• Generally rock with your camera!

Let us help you make the foundation. So you may build a beautiful monument.


Jayanth Sharma is renowned as a prolific producer of consistently stunning imagery – the kind that is planned in a studio and executed outdoors. Effortlessly combining natural history and fine-art elements, Jayanth brings back rarely seen perspectives from the little-visited domains and far corners of the natural world. Behind Jayanth's awe-inspiring work are fierce commitments to nail the composition in the field, an assiduous abstinence from digital manipulation, a nearly devotional love for quality, and zero appetite for compromise. Jayanth uses the strengths of his tools to his immense advantage, creating powerful vignettes of optical excellence designed to pamper the aesthetic corner of a nature lover. Jayanth is one of the co-founders of Toehold and you can have a look at his work on his website: or keep a tab on him on his Facebook Page.



In the unfortunate event that you wish to cancel your booking after the payment, you will receive a credit note that can be used to avail of any of our services listed on our website, for:

a) 100% of the amount if you cancel on or before the last Monday before the Workshop,


b) 50% of the amount if you cancel between the last Monday and Thursday before the Workshop.

No credit note will be issued for canceling after the last Thursday before the Workshop or for failing to attend the Workshop without prior intimation, and no cash refunds will be made under any circumstances.


Introduction to Digital Photography
Camera Formats
Types of Lenses
Resolution (Megapixels)
Teleconverters and Other Accessories
Functioning of an SLR
Understanding your Camera Focal Length and Magnification
Shutter Speed
ISO Sensitivity
Exposure (Advanced)
Exposure Program Modes
Exposure Compensation
Autofocus versus Manual Focus
Focusing (Advanced)
Autofocus Modes
Autofocus Area Selection Modes
Artistic Aspects (Advanced)
Depth of Field
White Balance
Tips and Tricks


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Sorry, this show is already over but head here for other fun events!