Art Workshop | Sketching, Portraits, Abstract painting

May 23 | 7PM - May 30 | 8PM


Banjara Gypsy brings amazing artist - Chandrima Mandal, She holds an expertise in training kids and adults. 

It's alright if you are totally a beginner or an expert. we have designed upcoming modules depends on your comfort.

Description of the art work:

Learn the layering technique in poster colours.

It is a 3-Layer painting which has a combination of brush painting and blending method.

Stationaries required:

1.Poster colours

2.Paint Brush - Flat brush - min Size 11.

             Medium brush - size 6 to 9

             Thin brush : Size 1 and 0

3.Spare Unused Toothbrush



Overall Syllabus:


1.     Understanding Lines, Shapes and Curves.

2.     Creation of 2D shapes.

3.     Symmetrical and Asymmetrical Concepts.

4.     Shading Techniques

5.     Concept of light and Shadows.

6.     Convert 2D shapes into 3D Object.

7.     One and Two points perspective.

8.     Compositional Guidelines.

9.     Values and Edges.

10.  Sketching from life.

11.  Proportion Basics.

12.  Observing Edges for realistic Renderings.

13.  Basics of Painting.

14.  One Layer painting.

15.  Two Layer painting.

16.  Three layer Painting.

17.  Doodles

18.  Zentangles.

19.  Conversion of real into Comic.

Online link will be shared post registration. Enrol now for the class. It will be fun

Learn to create 2D objects


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