Arth – A Culture Fest

February 21, 22, 23 | 11AM - 9PM
Venue To Be Announced, Delhi


India's first multi-regional culture festival Arth, is back for its second season. Get ready to dive into the melting pot of culture that this nation is. A country that inspires mystique and charms millions to travel, experience and even study the thorough net of intricately woven culture. Diverse, yet accommodating of the differences, India is a concoction of notes that play a beautiful melody. The festival will be held in Delhi on 21st, 22nd & 23rd Feb, 2020. Look forward to your favourite panelists, an array of mind-boggling workshops and talks on anything and everything to do with culture, religion, ancestral roots, mythology and the country's rich history by some of the most celebrated and respected scholars, intellectuals, journalists, authors, performers, artists and members of parliament. A country where languages have dialects, attires have draping permutations, and even the food has hints of flavours that distinguish it from different geographical regions. An exploration of your individuality through this elaborate mesh can be found by following the path back to your roots - to find the true meaning of your existence, your ARTH.

Arth Kolkata Highlights

What to Expect

Speakers at Arth

Abhijit Iyer Mitra
Abhinav Prakash
Anand Ranganathan
Anuj Dhar
Anuraag Saxena
Ashwin Sanghi
Baijayant Jay Panda
David Frawley
DK Hari
Shyam Bhat
Dushyanth Sridhar
Hema Hari
Hindol Sengupta
Kishwar Desai
Meenakshi Jain
Nagaraj Paturi
R Jagannathan
Rahul Easwar
Sampadananda Mishra
Sanjeev Sanyal
Saradindu Mukherji
Shambhavi Yogini
Shefali Vaidya
Sundeep Bhutoria
Syed Salman Chishty
Trupti Desai
Vivek Agnihotri

Performances At Arth

Gurdas Maan
Qutbi Brothers
Sinam Basu Singh

Workshops at Arth

Bagru Block Print
Miniature Painting
Roghan Art
Blue Pottery
Chittara Painting
Pichwai Painting
Madhubani Painting
Phad Painting
Wood Carving and Inlay
Sanjhi Art
Pattachitra Painting
Clay Pottery
Cherial Painting & Mask
Moong Grass Weaving

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