ASI Archaeological Museum, Aihole

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Archaeological Museum, Aihole
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The district of Bagalkot in Karnataka houses the Archaeological Museum, Aihole inside the Durga temple complex. Before it took life as a museum with 6 galleries and an open-air gallery in 1987, it was planned to be a sculpture shed. Visit this place of historical importance to view artefacts dating back to the period between 6th and 15th centuries from the regions of Aihole, Pattadakal and Badami.

Things to see

  • A wide variety of Ganesha sculptures
  • Bird's eye view of Aihole from one of the galleries
  • Chalukyan architecture
  • Sculptures of Brahmanical, Jain and Buddhist significance
  • The popular Bodhisattva structure

How to get there?

  • The nearest bus stand is Majestic Bus Station. Also, the museum is 200 meters from Aihole Bus Stand and 100 meters east of Durga Temple.
  • Since the museum lies in the district of Bagalkot, you can get down at Bagalkot Railway Station.
  • The nearest airport to the museum is Hubballi Airport.


Archaeological Museum, Aihole

ASI Archaeological Museum, Aihole, Aihole, Aihole, Bagalkot, Karnataka, 587124


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