Astro Survival Camp by Natskies

December 28 | 3PM - December 29 | 2PM
Natventure Camp Panchgani
3000 onwards
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An overnight camp at the Natskies Observatory for a real-time experience on Stargazing, Astro-navigation & Survival. The camp includes exciting activities designed for all age groups.

Day-time activities include few sun related activities and Air Rocketry which is a fun and exciting session to make a model rocket, understand the concepts and science behind it and launch the rocket to see the results. If you do it right, it can go up to 100 feet high in the sky!!

Night-time activities include Night Sky Observation where you will get to observe amazing celestial objects such as Planets, Galaxies, Clusters and Moon in the night sky, identify various stars, constellations their names and where do they come from and what do they mean. There will be an Astro-navigation session where you learn how to tell time and find directions using stars and constellations, followed by a treasure hunt where you will have to use these techniques to find your way. 

All material and equipment for the activities will be provided by us. Charges are inclusive of accommodation in fixed tents on double/triple occupancy and all meals.


Natventure Camp Panchgani

Natventure Camp Panchgani at post Kaswand, Taluka Mahableshwar, Kaswand, Maharashtra 412805


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Sorry, this show is already over but head here for other fun events!