Aura Reading: An Introduction

September 22 | 11AM
SoulCentric Wellness
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Introductory Seminar:


Aura Reading


Discover Your Core Energy Signature

with Nishant Sharmaa

 22nd September, Sunday | 11 am till 1 pm


Did you know up to 60% of the problems in life can be solved just by understanding your core energy type?

We all have an aura of energy around us that we commonly know as the "VIBES" of a person. We hear people use this term a lot these days saying things like the vibes of a person or place are good or bad. But, did you know that these vibes are more than just Good or Bad?

In fact, these vibes (aura) are the essence of your soul and contain all the information about your life.


If someone can see these vibes and decode them properly, they can pinpoint all the things that have ever happened to you (past), are happening right now (present) or will ever happen to you (future).


While many of us cannot see these energies, there are some people like Nishant who are clairvoyants. They can easily see these energies with their naked eyes.

But don't fret!

We have good news: Science has now developed a REAL-TIME AURA IMAGING SYSTEM that can help you see your energies on a digital screen. It is like seeing your emotions and intentions on a digital screen. The moment you feel positive, you will see how your emotions affect your energy and vice-versa.

It is time to integrate science & spirituality.


Come learn more about this technology & see how can it help you see your Invisible Forces at work. These forces not only affect your life BUT when used properly can literally turn your life around & heal your BIGGEST BLOCKAGES whether in terms of Money, Relationships or Health almost INSTANTLY!

There will also be a live demonstration showing the effect of emotions and thoughts on your aura.


About Nishant Sharmaa

Nishant Sharmaa is an IT engineer turned aura reader. He had a spiritual awakening experience in 2006 that gave him the psychic gift of clairvoyance and channeling spiritual beings. He later discovered that it runs in his entire family lineage. He is the 6th generation Psychic of his family tree. 

Since then Nishant became passionate about Integrating 'Science & Spirituality'. He combines technology to help people see their own 'Core Energetic Signature' that we commonly know as Aura or Vibes around a person. He believes this aura is not just limited to 'Positive or Negative vibe' BUT in fact, is the blueprint of our soul and can reveal everything about an individual's life.


Date: 22nd September, Sunday

Time: 11 am till 1 pm


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Sorry, this show is already over but head here for other fun events!