Bail Melay!

February 18 | 6:30PM
Sitara Studio, Mumbai
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Bail Melay's story starts with chaos, the most familiar thing in a city. The main characters, Kishor and Sanjivani, are in their small (rental) house, doing nothing on what is just like any other Sunday. Both are engineers originally from small towns, and both want to be modern. But what is ‘modern’?

The couple’s native values constantly follow them, which works against their dream of becoming modern. Sanjivani regularly calls her father, and Kishor, his mother, symbolising their situation (urban-rural), and how they are stuck. Suddenly, one day, a stranger enters their lives and begins to tell them their future. Increments, promotions, a bigger house, alcohol addiction, extra-marital affairs, Sanju’s pregnancy – baby girl, another baby girl, and yet another baby girl – earthquake, tsunami. Family pressures, water-electricity crises in rural India as compared to extreme wastage of the same in the city. Sanju and Kishor slowly become stubborn and ruthless about their surroundings – this is highlighted through different scenarios in the performance.

Because of all this, there is constant fear, tension, insecurity, lust, regret, ego, anger and finally, chaos. And then there’s a murder.

Playwright: Yugandhar Deshpande

Direction & Set Design: Lalit Prabhakar

Lights: Siddhesh & Hrishikesh

Music: Piyush & Himanshu

Producer: Arun Kakde

Actors: Vikas Patil, Aarti Wadagbalkar & Rohan Gujar

Back Stage: Jayesh Joshi

Duration: 75 minutes

This will be followed by a script reading of Durustya ani Dekhbhai by Champra Deshpande.


Sitara Studio, Mumbai

Garage Galli, Kakasaheb Gadgil Marg Near Congress Bhavan, Opposite Indiabulls Finance Centre, Lower Parel

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Sorry, this show is already over but head here for other fun events!