Camping with White Collar Hippie – An Unforgettable Experience

The Insider team got invited to BandCamp and it’s an experience we are going to be talking about for a while. Picture a velvety sky full of thousands and thousands of stars, fairy lights, luxurious tents, a carpet of sweet smelling grass, roasted marshmallows on a bonfire and delicious food.

BandCamp is a place you go with your friends, your loved one or just yourself. It’s where you go to make memories and tell stories and have inside jokes. It’s for you to meet new people or just rediscover the old ones. Sitting around a bon-fire with soft, toasty marshmallows in your hand and the dew filled grass around you is something you’ll be talking about for a long time to come.

We entered BandCamp with no particular expectations. The journey to the campsite is quite scenic as you wind your way through the sleepy Koli village and get hit by picturesque boats gently swaying in the breeze. We reached the campsite to be greeted by cheery faces, a White Collar Hippie goodie bag and a tree filled arena with tents sprinkled all over.

If you reach early enough, you get your choice of tents and Vikrant from White Collar Hippie is more than happy to tell you the best tent spots. He also takes all the new BandCamp recruits for a tour around the place. What he doesn’t prepare you for (and it’s a good thing) is the spectacular sunset or the sheer beauty of the camp site as night sets in.

‘The sunset walk’ is a quirky little march through the rocky Uttan terrain where you pass hordes of dry fish to finally reach a secluded spot by the rocks. As you watch the sun and the temperature drop, you can’t help but just contemplate life a little bit and thank your stars that you’ve decided to slow down a bit and experience nature the way it should be experienced.

The walk back was pretty uneventful until we reached the campsite and were hit by how gorgeous the place looks and how it transforms in the night!

The common area is where the food is at and obviously where all the action happens. Boy, did we indulge! The BBQ has paneer, mushrooms, chicken and sausages and we love our non-veg but even we couldn’t deny the sheer deliciousness of the crispy paneer and the juicy mushrooms! Once you’re satiated and just want to sit back and lounge about is when the live band starts! We watched Tejas, Mali, Shortround and Arifa play live. The venue is a natural rock formation where you can lie back and just let the melodious tunes wash over you.

While you’d expect the morning after to be a harried affair filled with people rushing to leave is when you actually start making your best friends! We settled down to play taboo with a group of people lounging about having a lazy breakfast. The laughter, the fun, the friendly dogs disrupting the game and just natural good humour brought about by great ambience and an abundance of sunshine is something no pub, club or venue can ever replace.

BandCamp by White Collar Hippie is everything you can imagine and more. The perfect getaway, it gets you a little closer to nature with just the right amount of luxury, beauty and love. People of Bombay, here’s a weekend getaway that you just can’t miss!

A big thank you to Tanmay Kothari for the wonderful photography and the great company.

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