Wondering What Awaits You At The Lager n Barrel Festival?

Wondering What Awaits You At The Lager n Barrel Festival?

Celebrate beer, music and the love of a good time at the Lager N Barrel Festival. Look forward to live music, food, games, art and of course, lots and lots of beer.

Catch the festival in Gurugram this October 6th & 7th!

What time is it, you ask?
It's always beer o'clock at this festival!

Free-flowing beer = happy, upbeat people.

When life gives you empty vessels, make some noise, errr.....music.

Find out what the world looks like through beer-tinted glasses...

...where chandeliers are made of beer bottles...

...and the only things that need saving are ales.

Loads of fun activities & games to look forward to,

like this life-sized version of Jenga.

A bottle of beer, gets rid of all the fear,

Bring out your best moves, and more of that good cheer!

From Indie & Blues, to Rock & Electronic...

...there's music for everyone.

And those hunger pangs will be sorted in no time!

'Nuff said.

Post the Punjab edition in September, the festivalcomes to Kingdom of Dreams in Gurugram on October 6 - 7.

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