BeHiver presents Zumba Workshop

April 8 | 6PM

Qtube Cafe, Bandra


Sorry, this show is already over but head here for other fun events!


Zumba with a special one
A Zumba workshop for participants to learn and perform Zumba with a partner, who can be a parent, sibling, friend, colleague or spouse. Its designed to bring your loved one closer to you and reduce stress.

The workshop will be led by Zumba expert, Pratima Siddheshwar
BeHiver is a platform which organizes monthly events to bring people from diverse professional backgrounds together. The events are held at exciting locations in Mumbai like theaters, co-working locations, cafes or book cafes. The participants are business professionals, businessmen and women, entrepreneurs, artists, freelancers, doctors, professors, consultants, chartered accountants and students.
The participants are engaged in different activities and conversations are initiated. This is an opportunity for people to network over meaningful conversation. It also serves as a stress management tool.


Qtube Cafe, Bandra

Qtube Cafe, SV Road, Bandra West.

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