Bookom Virtual - Book Lover's Meetup

June 21 | 11AM - 1PM
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  • Are you passionate about going all the way out in search of new subjects to explore? 
  • Are you an avid reader and book lover who wants to see what path you can open for yourself by diving into the ocean of knowledge of books? 
  • Are you searching for a platform or reading clubs where you can share your ideas and get some captivating ideas? 

If yes then we have the perfect event planned out for you. 

The Shelf Of Curiosity- Book Shelf

A session by Payal Kumar to help you harness your talent for the greater good. If reading is an essential part of your day, this event is perfect for you. It's not like that every day we get to learn from published authors. So you all should grab this opportunity and see what all the event holds up for you. 

Event Duration

Event duration is of 2 hours including 45 minutes session by Payal Kumar which includes the question and answer session by the event attendees. 

About Our Speaker

Payal Kumar is a published author and does freelance content writing. She's a passionate reader and a professional writer coach and story- teller. It is not easy to leave a full time secured job and take up full time writing as your profession but our speaker, Payal Kumar decided to take this leap of faith. Her journey by far was no less than a roller coaster ride but also intensely soul satisfying. 

Event Topic Description

A passionate reader is keen to learn and explore new things. Reading fills us up with curiosity and this is what gives rise to future writers, editors, lyricists, story-tellers, speakers, musicians, authors, etc. Even if we fail to realize, reading is a part of our day to day life. So why not we consciously include it in our day to day life just like eating, sleeping, bathing, etc. Reading has proven to be very good for one's mind and soul. 

What will happen in the event?

The event comprises of the following three sessions

Session 1:- Speaker session and Q&A round

Our Speaker will give you all you need to know about writing books and subjects that you can read about, followed by your interest, and will also share some insights regarding the event.

Session 2:- General discussion

Here, attendees will be given a chance to introduce themselves and tell everyone about the book they are reading and planning to read. This way they can interact with other participants also. 

Session 3:- Networking session 

A networking session is a session where everyone will get to interact with each other.You can share your thoughts on books , why you love them, how books shaped you into a better human being, who is your favourite author and so on.

About Us

Bookom is a community by Comunev which aims to bring together people who share a common passion towards book reading and want to discover themselves through the unparalleled knowledge that books can provide them. We work in order to provide such enthusiastic readers a platform where they can exchange their ideas and great source of information for their upbeat mind.

We as a community believe the unimaginable possibilities one can open for themselves by not only reading but also by recollecting all the thoughts, one had come across till now, in one space. It's unimaginable to think of a space without books, as we have come a long way in our life owing to the guidance bestowed upon us through evergreen books.

We hereby present to you this event where you can get answers to all of your questions and will be delighted to share the room with the people who share the same passion and zeal as you, Bookom by Comunev is a community which is giving it's all to make a network of like-minded people to uphold each other and thrive for some unprecedented avenues for exploring the possibilities.

What bookom stores for you?

  • Helps you to create a habit of book reading . 
  • Helps you to become a part of a similar community . 
  • Helps you to be more savvy when choosing a book of your interest.
  • Provides you with some insights on how to manage your book shelf. 
  • Helps you to get some refreshing ideas about the book you want to write.
  • Takes you to the world of books.

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-What is the purpose of Comunev India? 

It's a company that helps in connecting like minded people. 

-What is Bookom? 

It is a community for book lovers and it conducts meetings in Delhi-NCR..

For Queries-

Contact- 8595473072


Terms & Conditions

Sorry, this show is already over but head here for other fun events!