Bread & Butter: What's on the table?

June 30 | 10AM - 9PM
WeWork BKC
1100 - 1,700 (Inclusive of taxes)
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Most food events are focused around those there to eat, and others there to feed. We’re turning tables and focusing on creating a communal space that’s not just for chefs and cooking, but for everyone interested in sharing, learning, collaborating and networking within and outside the food industry.

What we want is to bring together food lovers and food specialists, foodpreneurs and food financiers, to share their insights, challenge established practises and propose solutions for this burgeoning industry ripe for transformation. Bread & Butter is about whetting minds and appetites, while innovating plates and palates.

The day long event will include stories, talks and panels by budding enthusiasts and seasoned experts; accompanied by meals and experiences crafted by curators. An exclusive ‘clients & collaborators fair’ for you to discover food packaging + design experts, food content creators + digital marketers, food writers + technologists, food photographers + stylists, new food startups and more.


10-11:30 AM Workshops

11:45AM - 12:15PM Food X Sustainability: Sustainable agriculture + conscious consumerism (Ruchi Jain, Taru Naturals; Yash Kotak, BOHECO Life; Sohil Shah, Aavishkar Fund)
12:15PM - 12:30PM Food X Hunger: Combating hunger by feeding forward (Faiza Dhanani, Robin Hood Army)
12:30PM - 1:00PM Food X Wellness: Why clean eating + healthy living matters to millennials (Karishma Boolani, Humanics; Moina Oberoi, Mo’s Superfoods; Ritesh Shaiwal, Easyhuman)
1:00PM - 1:15PM Food X Innovation: Experimenting with food, preparing for the future (Dhruvi Narsaria, The Good Food Institute)
1:15PM - 1:30PM Food X Mental Health: On stress, our stomachs & finding serenity (Natasha Diddee, The Gutless Foodie)

2PM - 4PM Clients & Collaborators Fair

4:15PM - 4:30PM Food X Retail: Going beyond shelf space at massive retailers (Ajai Thandi, Sleepy Owl Coffee)
4:30PM - 4:50PM Food X Passion: Does your love for food hamper your affinity for growth? (Nuzha Ebrahim, The Fromagerie; Pooja Pangtey, Meraki, Abhishek Chinchalkar, Bombay Duck Brewing)
4:50PM - 5:05PM Food X Home Cooks: The rise and reign of the home cook (Munaf Kapadia, The Bohri Kitchen)
5:05PM - 5:30PM Food X Tech: Cloud kitchens are restaurants of the future (Prashant Mehta, Lightbox; Raghav Joshi, Rebel Foods)
5:30PM - 6:00PM Food X Investment: Is investment dependent on scale? (Maansi Vohra & Adam Khorakiwala, Tech & Tequila; Prerna Bhutani, India Quotient)

6:00PM - 6:30PM It’s always 5 o’clock at Dysco

6:30PM - 7:00PM Food X Community: How does food bring people together? (Devika Manjrekar, Popups by Devika; Kanu Gupta, Savor Experiences)
7:00PM - 7:30PM Food X Branding: Packaging yourself to stand out from the crowd (Pritha Sahai, Please See; Sakshi Saigal, Stranger & Sons; Sameer Seth, Bombay Canteen)
7:30PM - 8:00PM Food X Public Opinion: Who calls the customers and who calls the shots? (Aatish Nath, Roshni Bajaj Sanghvi)
8:00PM - 8:15PM Food X Life: What makes for a happy kitchen? (Rahul Akerkar, Qualia)

8:15 onwards: Dysco After Dark- Networking drinks with Stranger & Sons, Thirsty and Moonshine Meadery

Our Partners

Sleepy Owl
Stranger & Sons
Thirsty Beer
Robin Hood Army
The Revolver Club

F&B Stalls

Popups by Devika
Soft Spot
Naagin Hot Sauce
Satori Tea
Mo's Superfoods
Zen Tiger Kombucha
Moonshine Meadery
Conscious Food


Craft Beer 101 by Bombay Duck Brewing
About Bombay Duck Brewing:
Pooja is a foodpreneur who has a special love for flavour and ingredients, she is well versed with indian ingredients and is also one half of Meraki; a pop up store that pays homage to the food of the hills. Abhishek is an engineer who turned beer making from a hobby to a company. He started home brewing in Texas, and came back to build a microbrewery to share the love of Indian flavours, one ale at a time. Bombay Duck Brewing is a brew lab that encourages experimentation, they put together flavours that compliment each other while practicing wabi-sabi; appreciating the imperfect authenticities of ingredients.

Have you ever wondered where beer comes from & what it’s made of? Is Ale just another synonym for beer in the parlance of the beverage world? How are microbreweries different from Macro ones?

The workshop will start with a fun round of blind tasting and talking about the 4 main elements that make beer accompanied by an easy sensory analysis of the ingredients. You will also get a chance to do a small tasting of the new BDB beers! Listen to stories about style origins, monks who brew excellent beer and talk yeast and malts with Abhishek (Chinsi). Pick his brains and talk about all things beer.

You will walk away with:
The basics of Craft Beer and how it’s made.
How to pour beer correctly and how to store it.
How to pair and consume different styles of beers (There’s a method to the madness!)

Superfoods for today’s lifestyles diseases by Moina Oberoi
About Moina:
Moina is a consulting wellness chef and entrepreneur and owner of Mo’s Superfoods. Her other expertise lies in organic, sustainable, Ayurvedic, Spa Cuisine and fermented food. With a versatile career and background in branding, media marketing and business development. The superhero of her products in Mo’s Superfood is Kefir, whose benefits she hopes to continue championing through her delicious shakes.

This workshop will be a crash course on superfoods, live demos of recipes and tips to incorporate them into your daily meals, and tastings to put an end to the argument that healthy food cannot be delicious! You can walk away with practical knowledge of grocery list of ingredients that can greatly benefit you and your family’s health, and a list of trusted suppliers.

You will walk away with:
The right sugars and salts to use on a daily basis at home.
The eternal question of good carbs and fats to use at home.
Tricks and recipes for those with Vitamin and mineral deficiencies.
Foods to boost your metabolism and immunity that actually work.

Food Styling Workshop by Daniel Shechter
About Daniel:
Daniel is a freelance photographer whose work is dawned on international design studios, cookbooks, advertising firms and magazines. He knows the devil is in the details and with his keen eye for detail he’s able to create art with food. In a digital marketing world that heralds social networks, visual outcomes can define your uniqueness and hold the attention of the audience amidst a sea of food porn.

Part I: The fundamentals and basics of styling
Daniel will go through the fundamentals of food presentation with a live demo for you to see the creative process behind those photos that get shared on social media.

You will learn:
Photo Composition: How to choose the setting, mood, props
Framing: How to make sure you’re hitting the right angles
Colours: What colours compliment each other to make a picture pop

Part II: Incorporate what you’ve learned
Play with food, props and backgrounds with either your own phones or dslr cameras and get feedback as you go.


WeWork BKC

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Terms & Conditions

Sorry, this show is already over but head here for other fun events!