Celebrate Nepalese Dashain (Durga Puja)

October 15 | 12:30PM

Juhu Tara Road, Mumbai

1500 - 1700

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Mumbai, welcome to the Dashain pop-up – a gathering that introduces you to the finger-licking and delicious Nepali Cuisine of Assam. Set on the auspicious day of Durga Puja, it’s the ideal time to also indulge in some pet-puja.

The menu:

Course 1

Sel Roti - Crispy Fried doughnuts made of Rice Flour

Po Cha - Butter Tea

Course 2

Wo - Pancake made of lentils and shallow-fried

Alu Ko Achaar - Potatoes stir fried with spices and sesame

Gundruk - Chutney made of fermented leaves and beans

Saag - Nepalese Leafy Vegetable stir fry

Course 3

Dhindo (pronounced dhee-dough) - A thick porridge made of millet flour and corn meal

Khukura Ko Maasu - Nepali Chicken Curry

Course 4

Khasi Ko Maasu

Plain Rice

Course 5

Makhana Kheer


Juhu Tara Road, Mumbai

Juhu Tara Rd Mumbai, Maharashtra 400047

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