Comedy Ki Chull with Angad

July 16 | 7:30PM
Chull, Gurgaon
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About : What do a pirated Sardar, a good looking engineer and a sales professional have in common? A laugh riot. These men are on a mission, and the mission is to make you laugh.

Angad Singh Ranyal:
With over 500 shows under his belt, Angad Singh Ranyal is one of the best English stand-up comics in India. Fondly known as the ‘Scared Punjabi’, his comic timing is bang on. After an Engineering degree, followed by MBA, he decided to perform jokes for a living. Figures.

Arguably the second funniest and thinnest Sardar after Manmohan Singh, he is sure to leave you in splits. Angad is also part of the East India Comedy (EIC) and has performed internationally in Singapore and Malaysia. From sketches, stand up and news comedy, this gabru has done it all.

Garv Malik
An engineer by education and a comedian by choice, Garv Malik makes a compelling case for why monkeys are better than humans when it comes to dating. He has been on the stand-up scene for more than a year and in this time, he has done solo shows across major metropolitans garnering a significant fan base with his style of humor. He has performed as an opener with the best of the best, like Kanan Gill, Vipul Goyal, East India Comedy. He relies on the internet more than oxygen for life support, like most of us.

Despite his dating wisdom, or perhaps because of it, Garv is a favorite across college campuses in India. So don’t miss out the chance to enjoy this kickass comedian.

Parvinder Singh
When he was born, the doctor said, “aapke ghar hadsa hua hai”! Memorable childhood, one would say. He could have been funny, smart, intelligent, fabulous, charismatic, and what not, but he was born as a Punjabi. There goes his chance to be all those things!

As a sales professional, he does not have to try too hard to make you buy his stories, probably because they are all true "accidents". Join him for a round of laughter while he takes you on a tale of two cities, the one where he was born and the one where he performs.


Chull, Gurgaon

Leisure Valley Rd, Sector 29, Gurugram, Haryana 122007

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Sorry, this show is already over but head here for other fun events!