Comedy Rush

November 20 | 8:30PM
Protein Rush
200 onwards
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Its stand-up comedy time at Chembur!

This (sometimes situationally) open mic, hosted this week by JackieThakkar, features some of the funniest comics in the city- Vrinda Bhagchandani and Pratyasha Rana. Don't be fooled by their gorgeous faces- these three will have you in splits with their jokes that range from silly, to hysterical, to downright dark. We're also bringing a mixed bag of comics from Mumbai's incredible comedy circuit to Chembur for your entertainment. Bring your friends, and your sense of humor, and laugh like you don't hate your life. Its the perfect Wednesday night plan! We're gonna be cracking Chembur up with comedy, and its gonna be a riot. Not that kind. #ChemburJokes

Meet the comics:

Jackie Thakkar (@juvenile_jack) is a stand-up comedian and recently unemployed comedy writer. While he was employed, he wrote and featured in several viral YouTube videos for the digital platform, Arré. Even though he has done live shows across India, U.S.A and Europe, Jackie considers his three cats to be his toughest audience.

Vrinda Bhagchandani (@vrinda_bhagchandani) is an average homosapien who is average at being average.

Pratyasha Rana (@funnykarnika) iinherited her parents' spending habits. Not their money. And after a slew of high-paying jobs like fortune listener, professional plus one, and sleep enthusiast, she's now trying to amass a fortune through comedy. Little does she know.


Protein Rush

Shop no 7, Fairlawn Cooperative Housing Society, VN Purav Marg, Dreamland Society, Borla, Union Park, Chembur, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400071

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Sorry, this show is already over but head here for other fun events!