Comic Con India 2019: Hyderabad, Bengaluru, Mumbai, Delhi, Ahmedabad!
Comic Con

Comic Con India 2019: Hyderabad, Bengaluru, Mumbai, Delhi, Ahmedabad!

India's biggest pop culture festival is back! Experience the best weekend of the year and celebrate your undying love and passion for comics & pop culture.

If you're into comics, movies & TV, animation, graphic novels, gaming and everything of that nature, this is the place for you! Welcome to Comic Con - the biggest pop culture convention in the country that has brought joy, wonder and happiness to over 1.6 million fans for almost a decade.

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2018 was another great year! Here's a glimpse of what went down in the 4 cities:

Hyderabad Comic Con 2018
13-14 October 2018 | 11 AM- 8 PM | Hitex Exhibition Center
Photos | Live photos | Behind the scenes | Experience Zones videos | Check out the show floor

Bengaluru Comic Con 2018
17-18 November 2018 | 11 AM- 8 PM | KTPO Trade Center
Live photos | Cosplay Workshop

Delhi Comic Con 2018
7-9 December 2018 | 11 AM- 8 PM | NSIC Grounds
Live photos | Behind the scenes

Mumbai Comic Con 2018
22-23 December 2018 | 11 AM- 8 PM | Mumbai Exhibition Center, Goregaon
Live photos | Behind the scenes

Guests at Comic Con India 2018

Comic Con India has featured several artists and creators over the last few years. This includes comic book artists, illustrators, executives from various TV shows and is often attended by many influencers. Just some of these names are below.

Guests at Comic Con Hyderabad

Funnyman Sahil Shah graced the convention this year again, who is not a stranger to the comedic tides of Hyderabad. For the first time, animator and comic book artist Rahil Mohsin was ushered in from Bangalore along with Matthew Rosenberg, Tyler Boss, Arthur Suydam and Ty Templeton. Also joining them was another comic guy, Rahul Subramanian and the dark knights of the south Indian comedy circuit, The Viva, who rocked the stage on both days. The highlight of the event was the arrival of the supervillain from Sacred Games, Luke Kenny.

Guests at Comic Con Bengaluru

2018 saw some of the biggest names in the comic book world. The husband-wife, comic artist-cosplayer duo, Glenn Rane and Jojo "Apotheosis" Rane came to KTPO Trade centre and wowed the audience with their talk. Fan favourite Alicia Souza also made her way here and melted everyone's hearts with her cuteness and hugs. Comedy stars and the iconic boys from East India Comedy, Sapan Verma and Sahil Shah were in attendance. Comic book creators and writers like Rahil Mohsin, Ryan O'Sullivan, Dan Watters, Ram V, Vivek Goel, Shamik Dasgupta also made their presence known by interactive sessions and many releasing their new webcomics.

Guests at Comic Con Delhi

This year's Comic Con was one of the most happening events with The Night King aka Vladimir Furdik crossed the Wall from the Game of Thrones and entered the NSIC Grounds. This convention also saw a lot of Indian comic artists and writers coming in like Abhijeet Kini, Alicia Souza, Akshay Dhar, Rahil Mohsin, Aniruddho Chakraborty, Saumin Patel, Vivek Goel and many more. Few international creators also graced the event like Peter Nguyen, John Layman and Declan Shalvey. For the laughter doze, Comic Con follower, fan and a regular this year, Sahil Shah was on stage. Another favourite was Varun Thakur who got everyone ROFLing. Luke Kenny, the supervillain of the Netflix series, Sacred Games, also came in to discuss the new season.

Guests at Comic Con Mumbai

Mumbai saw some new faces in the comic book world with budding artists coming on stage and seeing new releases of comic books. The guests that headlined this year's Comic Con were pro cosplayer Yaya Han along comic artists Will Conrad and Sana Takeda. The convention also brought in a huge number of Indian comic book creators and a number of YouTube as well as stand-up people. Fan favourite YouTube team The Screenpatti, stand-up comedian Sahil Shah and TVF's Jizzy aka Jasmeet had the audience in splits both days.

Cosplay at Comic Con India

Cosplay or costume play is an integral and probably the most fun part about the convention! Not only does Comic Con India feature cosplay artists and a fashion show for the same, but you can also dress up as your favourite character and attend the event. Check out some of the best cosplays over the years, below.


Comic Con India features several stalls that sell t-shirts, posters, mugs and comics books based on your favourite fandoms! Keep an eye out for the free posters and kits that are also available at the venue.


Other than the merchandise stands, Comic Con India also includes spots to take pictures, stalls to try out new technology and places to eat!

Step into the TARDIS!

Take a trip through time and check out who came to Comic Con over the past few years - artists, actors, YouTubers and everyone who's been fangirled/fanboyed about!

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