COMMEAT's Oh Fish with Ayandrali

June 25 | 12:30PM
Jal Vayu Vihar
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Bengalis refer themselves as Khaddo Roshik (one who loves to eat) and not to miss that a traditional combination will make your tummy heavy and heart happy. Fish is an inevitable dish on the menu and yes they do it in a variety of innovative ways on the table this time.

The table can’t be completed without sweet so in the season of Nolen gur (date palm jiggery) you get to taste - Semai-er Payesh with nolen gur. And yes no Honey Singh but Robindro sangeet to ease your senses on a happy food high.

What’s a Bengali meal without fish anyway? Known for their variety of preparation around fish, this time COMMEAT's table is set with the aroma of fish.


Aam pora shorbat – A Bengali classic summer drink made from the pulp of raw mango

Begun Bhaja - Fried Aubergine
Bhetki Fry – Fried bhetki fish

Bhaja mooger dal with Macher matha – Moong dal with Fish head the Bengali way
Doi Potol with Posto
Lau chingri - Bottle gourd with shirmps
Rui bhapa – Steamed Rohu in mustard and dahi
Chingri Malaikari- Prawns cooked in spices and coconut milk
Steam Rice

Aamer chutney
Bodi bhaja

Simayer payesh


Jal Vayu Vihar

Noida, Uttar Pradesh 201301

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Sorry, this show is already over but head here for other fun events!