Corporate Profile Designing Workshop

Corporate Profile Designing Workshop


July 25 | 10AM

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3540 onwards


Invite your friends

and enjoy a shared experience


Invite your friends

and enjoy a shared experience

About the Event

NOTE: Our training sessions are conducted on a 1-2-1 basis (batches are not formed) as our workshops are tailor-made to your specific problem statement.

Are you planning to efficiently communicate your business idea to your investors and other stakeholders? Do you wish to make the target customers aware of your brand? Are you striving to create a strong market position?

If yes, then here is your opportunity to design a corporate profile which adequately presents your organization to all the stakeholders. Learn and implement ways to make your corporate profile a perfect blend of creative and informative content.

A corporate profile is an organization's resume and hence it needs to be designed with utmost care and precision. Our industry experts shall take you through in this journey wherein you learn to make your organization speak for itself. 

Topics Covered:

1) Identifying the overall purpose: For the company website, to be presented to investors or stakeholders, etc.

2) Understanding the Business: Business structure, organizational framework, working methodologies, identifying the USPs, exploring the history and background, analyzing future growth prospects, etc.

3) Charting out a rough draft: 

  1. Identifying the key points to be highlighted: Deciding the content be included,
  2. Determining the presentation style: How to present the content- breaking into subheads, presenting in chronological order, presenting as a narrative, etc
  3. Choosing the mode of presentation: PDF-based (conventional), web portal based, video-based

4) Content Preparation/ writing: Drafting the appropriate content: chronological information (history and background, current business highlights, future growth prospects), about the team, testimonials, contact information, call to action, videos, etc

5) Designing the appropriate layout/ template: Formatting, visual appeal, etc

6) Final Editing and Grooming: Shaping the entire content and fine-tuning by reading through each detail.

Standard Course Duration: 1 Week


1) This will be an online training using screen-sharing.

2) This training module can also be customized to cover up your specific industry requirements.

3) This training can be taken up on a 1-2-1 basis as well as for a team

4) Upon confirmation, you will be connected to the trainer/course analyst for a technical call for a deep understanding of your training, and customization needs.

5) The date and timing for each session will be flexibly decided as per the mutual understanding between the attendees and the trainer and coordinated by our team.

Add-Ons Post Training:

1) Post-Training Support

2) Certification Advisory

3) Business Networking Support

4) Skill Validation Report signed by Industry Expert

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3540 onwards