Cream Icing & Pastries (Workshop)

January 23 | 10AM
Cook and Bake with Deepali, Bangalore


No icing without a cake, huh? For starters, you learn to bake egg and eggless sponge cakes that you'll work on for icing. I will then train you in the basics of icing and pastry that will help you create masterpieces that you'd never believe you could make.

In the 4-hour workshop, you'll learn to make and use cream icing. You will also learn to make chocolate truffle icing cakes and pastry. The class will include decoration techniques, basic cake decoration with cream and chocolates as well as advanced piping bag designs. I will also show you how to make and apply glaze icing, chocolate decoration for pastries and more.

Since you will learn to bake in OTG, convection microwave and regular gas stoves, you can practice your baking and icing skills immediately. For the class, baking materials and equipment will be provided along with a recipe booklet. For your projects, you can purchase baking equipment and materials from me at very reasonable price.

What you will learn

Vanilla Sponge Cake With Egg/Eggless
Chocolate Sponge Cake with Egg/Eggless
Mango Litchi Gataux
Coffee Caramel Cake
Dutch Truffle Cake
Lemon Berry Cake
Chocolate Glaze
Chocolate Decorations
Home made caramel Sauce


Cook and Bake with Deepali, Bangalore

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