Culinary Basics

August 12 - 13 | 11AM
Culinary Craft
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The delicate flavours garnished with fresh and crisp herbs with a pinch of smoky texture makes the delectable set of continental cuisines! This set of cuisines has a plethora of flavours and colors, as it comprises of tastes from all over Europe. They say, “Stronger the bricks, better the building”, but we say, “Stronger the ingredients, better the dish”! Hence, it is very important to get the basics right. So, culinary craft brings to you a 2 day workshop for introduction to continental cooking where we will take you through the little knick –knacks required to create this beautiful set of cuisines.


This 2 day workshop will cover the following: Knife skills and multiple chopping techniques with vegetables. We will also teach you to create some classic sauces that form the foundation of Continental cuisine from scratch. These include Béchamel sauce, Brown sauce, Tomato sauce, Veloute, Mayonnaise (with egg) and Hollandaise sauce. We will cover both theory and practical knowledge with the help of our professional chef to give our students an advanced technical experience. Finally we will demonstrate essential stocks to add that burst of flavour in your cooking including brown stock, white stock and fish stock. So sign up to get your hands-on to develop essential cooking techniques and create delicious culinary concoctions!


Culinary Craft

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Sorry, this show is already over but head here for other fun events!