Dance World Cup - India Qualifiers

November 8 - January 11
Phoenix Market City, Bangalore


Dance World Cup is the Olympics for dance with participation from over 56 countries and 18000 competitors from across the world Team India has been competing in the Dance World Cup since 2012 and has been winning multiple, Bronze, Silver and Gold Medals for the past 7 years.
India’s story at the Dance World Cup

India has been hosting its own qualifiers for the last 2 years in order to find India’s best dancing talent from all corners of the country. The Qualifiers to the Dance World cup in India is called the Dance World Cup India Qualifiers open to all Indian and Indians living across the world until the age of 25. (Refer Rules booklet)

How will the Dance World Cup India Qualifiers find the best dancer/s in India:

The competition starts at a micro level to choose the BEST DANCERS top 3 soloists/Duets/Trios/Small Groups/Large Groups and goes up the order:

  • In schools and dance schools 
  • In District/City/Town/Zilla/Village
  • In each STATE
  • In each of the Regions – North, South, East West

What is in store this year?

  • 5 flights tickets to ROME for the 5 best Dancers of the Qualifiers
  • Celebrity Judge and Ambassador
  • 40 Dance influencers to judge and to mentor
  • Audience Poll
  • 100 finalists for the Final Qualifier in Bangalore


  • BUMPER PRIZE - 5 flight tickets to Rome for the Best Dancers of the Dance World Cup India Qualifiers
  • Medals
  • Certificates
  • Trophies

Judges for Online auditions

(To be confirmed)

Judges for Finals

  • John Grimshaw - DWC Chairman
  • Judge from Argentina – DWC Empanelled Judge

 Judging Criteria

  • Judge, score and comment on each of the competitors uploaded on the DWCIQ FACEBOOK Page.
  • All entries will be judged and scored on a daily basis spread over a time frame of 2 weeks from 12th January 2020 to 25th January 2020.  (Judge will have access to the Dance World Cup India Qualifiers page from 1st January 2020 to 25th January 2020 and will have to post a score and a feedback in the comments section.)
  • All Competitors will need to garner as many number of likes as possible for each of their videos.

DWC high lights: 

15th October 2019 

Online registrations, Video submissions & auditions start

11th January 2020 

Last date for online 

registrations, Video submissions & auditions

25th January 2020

Last date for JUDGING and AUDIENCE POLL 

26th January 2020

- RESULTS of shortlisted Dancers for the final Qualifiers in Bangalore announced. 

1st February 2020 

DWC membership & DWCIQ category fee to be paid.

8th & 9th February, 2020 

Qualifiers in Bangalore only for selected & Registered dancers.

21st April 2020

Last date for DWC final registrations after the qualifiers

How To Register?

Prepare your choreography depending on the category, dance style, class, age group you want to compete in (Read Rules very carefully or you will get disqualified even before you start)

Fill the online registration form before 11th January 2020

Pay Rs. 250/- registration fee and get an audition ticket via Online Payment before 11th January 2020

Upload Video on YouTube and upload the link on the facebook page and use hashtag #DWCIQ before 11th January 2020 and email the link to


  • Each Competitor must take a printout of his reference number on an A4 size sheet (issued to him after registration and payment) along with the full name, age group, dance style, name of Dance Institute/School/College, City and State and the class to be pinned on the chest while shooting the video
  • The competitor must clearly state full name, age group, dance style, name of Dance Institute/School/College, City and State and the class in the beginning of the video along with his registration NUMBER
  • And then shoot the actual video of his performance
  • Solo should be 2 minutes (including the introduction)
  • Duet/trio should be 2.5 minutes (including the introduction)
  • Small Group should be 3 minutes (including the introduction)
  • Large Group should be 3.5 minutes (including the introduction)

PLEASE NOTE: In case the time exceeds the competitor/s will be immediately disqualified

Once your video is uploaded on the Dance World Cup India Qualifiers Facebook page, get your friends to like your video. Remember there are 10 points out of 100 for audience Poll.

Judges will score and comment on each video over a period of 2 weeks

Results of finalists for MAIN QUALIFIERS in Bangalore are announced on 26th January 2020 

All Qualified dancers have to pay the DWC Membership fee of USD 10 and a category fee of USD 10 for each category via Online/Paytm/Google pay/Account transfer to confirm that they will compete in Bangalore.

At the Final Qualifiers in Bangalore, Celebrity Choreographer, along with DWC empaneled Judges and the Chairman of the Dance World Cup will choose the country’s best dancers to form the teams to represent India in Rome 2020.

Once final teams are selected, then the dancers will have to register on the DWC website by paying the event fees which they could collect from their respective sponsors (REFER RULES book for EVENT FEES and other details) 

How do participants compete?

  • Step 1: Prepare Choreography
  • Step 2: Record Video with name, age, city, dance school/school name, clip of rehearsal 
  • video at studio, home or street
  • Step 3: Fill up online registration form and pay registration fee
  • Step 4: Upload video
  • Step 5: Video goes live on the Dance World Cup India Qualifiers Page on Facebook.
  • Step 6: Judges score and comment
  • Step 7: Participants are given 2 weeks to allow friends to like their videos as an audience 
  • Poll for which a score of 10 will be attributed out of a total score of 100.
  • SCORING criteria is set by the Dance World Cup committee as per the category, class and dance style mentioned in the rule book.
  • Step 8: The organising committee based on the judges score will short list 1000 dancers for the main qualifiers in Bangalore on the 8th & 9th February 2020.

Dance World Cup Rules Booklet 2020


Phoenix Market City, Bangalore

Whitefield Main Road, Mahadevpura, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560048

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