Dark Comedy

January 12 | 6:30PM
XU, The Leela Palace, Bangalore
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This wild comedy show will have you in splits as five of India’s funniest comedians share their jokes with you on forbidden topics such as sex, death, injury and other sensitive topics and make you laugh like crazy. Sit back and relax with friends at your own table, or choose seats close to the action, the choice is yours. Tickets include one drink complimentary.

Age : 18+ strictly

Language : Hindi and English

Artist Line-Up

Sugar Daddy

Born in Bangalore on a sunny day Sugar Daddy is a stand-up comedian who's been cracking up audiences around the world with his nonsense philosophy and sarcasm. Funny, friendly and full of hilarious stories and observations he's been travelling the world since the age of 17 and combines decades of hilarious observations and experiences. He migrated abroad twice but came back because 'Phir bhi dil hai hindustani'. Also known as Cheeni Papa he recently performed in Canada, Australia, Indonesia, Bangkok & Hong Kong. Get ready to laugh non-stop as he hits you with one punchline after another, often creating jokes on the spot and involving the entire audience in one 'explosive' night of comedy.

Akshay Laxman

Akshay is a city chap, a lad who forgot to grow up, so he rather makes use of it on stage than getting taunted by his mom and that is the reason he does comedy. That is what he believes, at least 

Diptarka Ghosh

Diptarka is a Bengali stand-up comedian from Bangalore who grew up all over India. After successfully dropping out of college, he started doing stand-up comedy full time . Apart from being featured in a lot of hit YouTube videos with Kanan Gill, Kenneth Sebastian and Biswa Kalyan Rath, he is also an aspiring musician, photographer and videographer. He brings a totally different kind of humor on stage and will roast anything and everything that moves. 

Kartikeya Fatwani

A Delhite recently moved to Bengaluru. He is mostly irritated by other people misjudging his identity as a South Indian and a kind hearted person. FYI, he is neither of those. He is very famous among the traffic police community for his constant attempts to ignore the traffic rules. If any cop is reading this, kindly ignore. He has an unpredictable and imaginative style of writing jokes that leaves the audience go LOL and ROFL.

Arvind Sunder

Arvind did engineering only to realise that it was the biggest mishap of his life. After hitting rock bottom he decided that nothing can make this worse and started telling jokes on his life. 


XU, The Leela Palace, Bangalore

23, H A L Old Airport Road, Kodihalli, HAL 2nd Stage, Kodihalli, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560008

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Sorry, this show is already over but head here for other fun events!