Delhi Doc Festival : A journey called India

September 7-9 | 1PM
Antisocial, Hauz Khas Village
249 (per session)
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From National Award winning, to ones bringing laurels at the best of the International documentary festivals."Delhi Doc Festival is an attempt to bring journeys by the filmmakers which we want to present to the cinema lovers in Delhi. It’s a film festival which will bring some of the most appreciated, awarded and inspiring documentaries to the audience.

About the organisers

Filmbooth is Delhi’s very own film organisation looking to create avenues for independent films and filmmakers. It has organised 7 film festivals, screened 500+ Films at more than 20 venues across India. Filmbooth’s First Cut Series premiers interesting independent short films every month in Delhi. To know more, log on to or write to us at , or reach us at +91 9971990162.

DAY 1 | 7th September, 2018

Screening 1 (1PM – 4 PM)

Pushkar Puran by Kamal Swaroop (100 mins)
Avant Garde filmmaker Kamal Swaroop explores the ancient myths and politicking of Indian Gods as the heavens descend and the water in the Pushkar lake turns holy.
Pushkar is a small town in the Federal State of Rajasthan in northwest India and one of the holiest places of Hinduism. Once a year, however, during the full moon in the autumn month of Kartik, the town and the desert surrounding it turn into a sprawling fun fair with Ferris wheels and carousels, music from folklore to rock and colorful dance performances. Thousands of people, Hindus and Muslims alike, pour in from villages in the whole region to trade camels, horses and cattle. The spectacle appears in the desert as suddenly as a Fata Morgana. And just as suddenly the colorful magic is over. Director Kamal Swaroop – who shot one of the (post-)modern classics of Indian cinema with “Om Dar-B-Dar” in 1988 – captures the exuberant goings-on with a precise eye for strong images and details, exploring the myths and gods of India as well as their political instrumentalisation.

Across – Us Paar by Ansh Ranvir Vohra (13 mins)
In December 1971, as a full-fledged war raged on between India and Pakistan on the eastern front, a handful of villages in the northern part of the subcontinent changed hands overnight. This is the story of Turtuk, as it’s inhabitants continue to come to terms with their fluid nationality and it’s repercussions.

DAY 2 | 8th September, 2018

Screening 2 (1 PM – 3:30 PM)

Lock and Key by Shilpi Gulati ( 83 mins)
Five addicts at a rehabilitation center in Punjab, India, are helping families recover from the rampant drug problem in the state. While they struggle to establish new relationships with their pasts, their partners strive to redefine the meaning of love and the labor of everyday life

Jamnapaar by Abhinava Bhattacharya ( 25 mins )
Jamnapaar lurks on the river’s edge seeking to explore how the inhabitants of the Jamuna relate to its degraded presence, the fragile nostalgia of an unknowable past and the horror of its unthinkable future.It is above all, an attempt to uncover new ways of relating to the natural world in the midst of the Anthropocene. The film is shot in Delhi, the site of the Yamuna's most extreme degradation.

Screening 3 (4PM-6: 30 PM)

The Unreserved by Samarth Mahajan ( 60 mins )
The Unreserved is an inquiry into the lives of passengers who use the Unreserved Compartment, the cheapest way to travel across India on the Indian Railways system. The film portrays the passengers’ aspirations, efforts and opinions through conversations and personal stories.

Dilli by Rintu Thomas and Sushmit Ghosh ( 25 Mins )
It's lens focuses on a group of dwellers, bringing to life the untold story of mass exodus of thousands who were bulldozed from their homes and transferred to a makeshift facade - Bawana without water, shelter or drainage, while the city was being beautified for Commonwealth Games 2010. DILLI - city of dreams - is a universal story of millions of underprivileged around the world. DILLI holds up a mirror not only to India, but to every nation around the world, whose poor live forgotten under bridges, children go hungry, and fathers work thousands of miles from their families to provide.

Screening 4 (7PM – 9 : 30 PM)

Documentary Filmmakers Panel

An Insignificant Man by Khushboo Ranka&Vinay Shukla ( 100 Mins )
The documentary depicts the journey of Delhi’s Current Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal and his party AAP and how they rode on the waves of one of the greatest political movement in independent India.The film follows Arvind Kejriwal, a new-comer to Indian politics, and Yogendra Yadav,a seasoned veteran, who work together to form the AamAadmi Party (AAP), a new political party which aims to serve the common man and combat corruption. In the 2013 Delhi Legislative Assembly election, they challenge the Congress Party and the BJP, India’s oldest and most powerful political establishments, using grassroots strategies to engage voters. All the while they grapple with the realities of politics while struggling keeping their idealism alive.

DAY 3 | 9th September, 2018

Screening 5 (1PM -3:30 PM)

Martyrs of Marriage by Deepika Narayan Bhardwaj( 83 mins)
The film interweaves personal stories of men and women who have faced trial or are undergoing trial under 498A on wrong allegations along with experiences of Judges, Advocates, Court Mediators, Detectives and Men’s Rights Activists with the abuse of this provision. It goes in detail of what happens, why it happens, how it happens and what the abuse of this provision is doing to lives of many innocents.

Akash Vani by Pramati Anand (23 mins)
Mithulala Mir belongs to a nomadic and de-notified tribe known as ‘Mirs’, who follow a liminal religion of being both Hindu and Muslim. The film explores the question of what it means to be a nomad in the 21st century and the very concept of civilisation and establishment. The film is about his life and livelihood as a homeless person and his thoughts, beliefs, and wisdom as a human being.

Screening 6 (4PM – 6: 30 PM)

Ask the Sexpert by Vaishali Sinha ( 83 Mins )
A feature length documentary about a highly popular 90-year-old sex advice columnist for a daily newspaper in Mumbai. Despite sex being a taboo topic in that country, the column’s brand of non-moralistic advice and humor has emboldened many to write in with their questions, the vast majority of whom seek basic information. The columnist gains popularity even while a ban on comprehensive sex education in schools is adopted by approximately one third of India’s states.
Mumbai Hustle by Udayan Biswas ( 21 Mins )
In the backyards of India's economic metropolis, subculture of hip-hop has reincarnated as a new working class voice. Mumbai Hustle traces the evolution and spread of this form of music in the by-lanes and streets of Mumbai where hip-hop finds its self as a socio-political tool of activism formed out of local language, rhythm and sounds.

Screening 7 (8:30 PM-9:45PM)

Machines by Rahul Jain (75 mins)
Since the 1960s the areas of western India have undergone unprecedented, unregulated industrialisation, exemplified in its numerous textile factories. MACHINES portraits only one of these factories, while at the same time representing the thousands of labourers working, living and suffering in an environment they can't escape without unity. With strong visual language, memorable images and carefully selected interviews of the workers themselves, Director Rahul Jain tells a story of inequality and oppression, humans and machines.



Antisocial, Hauz Khas Village

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Sorry, this show is already over but head here for other fun events!