Dodh Dahyo

August 25 | 7PM
CLAP Center, Malad, Mumbai


Munawar Faruqui 

the Muslim Guy born, brought up and survived in Gujarat now Lives in 

Mumbai with his father because he loves his father and the city is expensive,

He is "DODH DAHYO" because he loves getting into things, he is not supposed to get

He bitches about every thing you love and hate in your daily life, 

he is the victim and at the same time he is the Culprit too.

He is the quintessential cute guy for every girl out there but he’s also funny

After 100+ houseful shows he finally left his job as Ticket Blacker at

Maratha Mandir and now he is pursuing his career as a Stand-Up Comedian 

Come and Watch This "DAHYO" going "DODH" in this Gujarati Laugh Ride..



CLAP Center, Malad, Mumbai

The CLAP, Solitaire II, 201 Unit, 2nd Floor, Link Road, Opp. Infinity Mall, Malad

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