Eco-Therapy Treks | Kothaligad

20th July | 7 AM
Talwalkars Andheri East
1500 - 2500
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“When you get lost in nature, you find yourself”

Humans were meant to be outdoors - we ran barefoot on grass, survived in wilderness and slept under the stars! Our current indoor lifestyle has taken us away from our natural roots, leading to imbalance in our physiology and mood disorders. Although we’ve known this all along, but now thanks to some solid research^ in a growing scientific field called Ecotherapy, we now have evidence of a strong connection between time spent in nature and reduced stress, anxiety, and depression.

Carvan Trips is delighted to introduce “Ecotherapy Treks” - one of the most natural and intuitive activity for enhancing happiness, peace, mental well-being and boosting creativity. Our treks are conducted in a controlled group (less than 20) by a trained practicing psychologist. We are the only travel company in India offering this unique experience.

Fortunately for us, we are surrounded with abundant nature and we just need to get out of our comfort zone to re-connect with it! After the onset of the monsoons, the Sahyadris becomes truly breathtaking. Moist canopies make room for the winds to hurl in, and the opening to the valleys and forts gets covered by wildflowers, clouds descend to the surface to blanket the earth. Get ready to sing with the birds, hug trees, run with the wind, get dre nched in rivulets, breathe the cold mountain air and feel alive once again!


AC Bus Transportation from Mumbai to Mumbai
Psychologist Expertise Charges
Guide & Organization charges.


Although the treks we have selected are easy grade beginner level treks, if you’re new to trekking, you are fit for the trek if you can:
- Jog for 2-3 kms without feeling tired & breathless, or
- Do some physical activity on a regular basis (Cycling, Aerobics, Swimming, Gym etc)
- Have no medical condition which causes discomfort during any physical activity

In order to completely enjoy the trekking experience, this is how you can prepare for it:
- Walk for 4 kms (non-stop) at least once, a week before the trek
- Climb upstairs everyday (5-10 floors) instead of taking the lift
- Run for 2 kms (non-stop), and walk for 3 Kms, at least 3 days before the trek
-Rest for 2 days prior to the Trek, eat well the night before and don’t consume any Alcohol (it can lead to severe dehydration)


- Meet up at the pick-up location by 7 AM sharp where our representative will meet you and arrange for your transport to the base village.
- After a round of introduction in the bus, our expert will walk you through the whole process and activities involved in eco-therapy trek.
- On arriving at the base village, we will commence with the trek and scheduled activities.
- Lunch will be served at the base village after the trek is over.
- Post feedback session, we will depart for Mumbai by bus and arrive by approximately 7-8 PM.

Things to note

Things to wear:
- Full/ Half sleeve T-shirt with stretchable Gym Pants/ Yoga/ Track pants/Shorts. Please DO NOT WEAR Denims or formals.
-Trekking/ Hiking shoes (Floaters and Sandals are not allowed) or a comfortable pair of new sport shoes with a good grip (old shoes tend to tear open in treks)

Things to be carried by you:
- Water (2 Liters) Compulsory
- Torch (compulsory)
- Personal First Aid Kit
- Wind cheater/ Raincoat / Poncho
- Cap, goggles, sunscreen etc.
- Electral powder / Glucon D / Tang
- A backpack to carry everything (No handbags or jholas)
- Personal Sanitary Kit
- Extra Pair of Clothes and socks
- A light pair of slippers in the bag (for post trek)

- Please refrain from consuming Alcohol or any intoxicant up till 24 hours before the trek as it may cause severe dehydration, nausea, vomiting and risk to life.
- Avoid carrying heavy weight backpack for this trek.
-The food provided would be simple village food
-This is a budget nature trip. The food will be simple but tasty authentic village food.
-Permanent toilets are not available at the base village
- In case of any unexpected change in weather or other unforeseen situations that are beyond our control and due to which activity may not be feasible, the operator will try their best to make alternate stay arrangements in the nearby homestay OR village (subject to availability).
- The itinerary is indicative only. A circumstantial delay can be expected on the day. Please make post trip plans after adding a buffer accordingly.
Guided Activities include (but are not limited to):
- Introspection & Expression: Time to think and reflect, understanding current state of mind and thought patterns and communicating them
- Mindfulness: Disconnect, clear the head, breathe
- Natural and Social connections: Watching nature & wildlife, evoking good memories, spiritual feelings
- Sensory stimulation: Colors, smells and sounds, fresh air, escape from pollution
- Activity: The use of physical exercise in promoting a natural serotonin response


We at Carvan Trips follow eco-tourism practices to ensure least damage to the ecology wherever we travel. And so, we request you to carry back all non-degradable litter such as empty bottles, tins, plastic bags etc. These must not litter the environment or be buried. They must be disposed in local municipal dustbins only. The only thing we leave behind is footprints 😊


Talwalkars Andheri East

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Sorry, this show is already over but head here for other fun events!