EIC All Stars: Their Best Videos

EIC is ready to roll out their latest multi-city tour, with a set featuring ALL seven of their members on stage and jokes that have never seen the light of day before. The show will also see their famous Youtube properties like Outrage and EIC vs Bollywood go live. As a fun warm-up to the evening, we decided to do a recap of our favourite EIC videos. Have fun watching!

EIC Outrage: Uber-Ola vs Auto-Taxi

A hilarious commentary on the autowallahs vs Uber/Ola situation, and how various unions wanted to get private cabs banned. Sapan Verma is beyond funny in this one.

EIC Outrage: Cruelty Against Dogs

Comic Sahil Shah vents his frustration over the rising number of dog cruelty videos (people throwing dogs from terraces, spinning them in the air). Just like him, we too are wondering, why would you do that?

EIC Outrage: Salute to Indian Athletes!

Sorabh Pant sheds light on the despicable plight of Indian (non-cricket) athletes, on how they train and how they are treated by officials. The video also highlights the humble beginnings of many Olympians (our favourite part).

EIC vs Bollywood: Azeem Banatwalla - Bajrangi Bhaijaan vs Indian Legal System

Azeem Banatwalla pits the Salman Khan hit (read flop) against the Indian Legal System. Only good things came out of this one, like laughing and an overtly judgmental audience.

EIC vs Bollywood: Atul Khatri - Censor Board vs FTII

Atul Khatri takes a shot at the two heads of the same snake, Pahlaj Nihalani of the Censor Board and Gajendra Chauhan of FTII.

Like this? Then you will love this show. Buy tickets for EIC All Stars Tour below:

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