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Comedy at its best feat. Kenny Sebastian

October 25 | 9:30PM

Hard Rock Cafe, Andheri

Rs. 500 Entry + 500 Cover
Sorry, this show is already over but head here for other fun events!
Prepare for an evening packed with lots of giggles and laughter with Comedy at its best at Hard Rock Cafe Mumbai with none other than the comedian of the hour – Kenny Sebastian

Kenneth Sebastian is a Stand Up Comedian, Filmmaker and Musician. He is currently based in Bangalore and is a freelance Film Editor and Designer. Born and Raised across different cities in India, Kenneth Sebastian set out to do what most people would call over-ambitious.

He set out to be awesome. He currently does Stand Up Comedy shows regularly in Bangalore and across the country. In Bangalore he is actively involved with "Bangalore's first and only comedy group" The Polished Bottoms. He is also a part of "The Improv" Group produced by Centerstage while also being actively involved in Theater, Music and Designing.
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