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Dip & Stamp! Traditional Hand Block Printing Workshop

October 8 | 10AM

Sanskriti Kala Kendra, Delhi

Rs. 2199
Sorry, this show is already over but head here for other fun events!
Hand block printing is a centuries old Indian art form that originated in Rajasthan. It utilizes intricate hand-carved teak wood blocks that are dipped in dye and stamped by hand onto cotton or silk.

An opportunity for you to quench your thirst and get a first-hand traditional block printing experience, this session is going to be an immersive interaction with the master artisan who creates magic with his hands, walking you through the art of block printing and help you create your own masterpiece.

Who Is It For?
Anyone above the age of 14 years.

Why Should You Go For It?
This workshop will introduce you to block printing – beginning with a short historical perspective and a guided tour of Indian Textile Museum, followed by the different stages in the printing process, with the help of swatches.

After a quick demo, you get to create your own unique range of designs using a variety of wooden blocks and colors. Bring along a t-shirt or a scarf/stole or just simple kerchief (cotton or silk only), that you want to print on, and an open mind raring to experiment.

Inclusion: All Material and Dyes
Complimentary: Zen Lunch & Teas
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