Awesome Events Under INR 500 | Mumbai

With the long weekend coming up, you'll have more time on your hand. More times means more going out, more going out is more money spent. Now, we want to avoid a crisis like that. So here's a solution - everything remains the same in the equation and yet you don't spend too much! How? With these events that won't cost you more than INR 500!

Comedy to get you through the week:

Biswa Kalyan Rath is Writing New Jokes | June 25

Two Men Solve Sexism | June 25

Midnight Fill presents It's Not Even Funny | June 26

Taaza Maal with Angad Singh Ranyal | June 27

SNG Naya Maal | June 30

Theatre, dance and poetry for expression:

Conversations with Krishna | June 24

Happy Hours | June 24

Naatakwaale’s Stockholm | June 25

Besides preparing for the surprise tests, Biswa is also busy writing new jokes - new material he wants you to come listen. Who knows, maybe you'll be quoting those punches before he comes with a new special. Where? The Cuckoo Club. Well, your Saturday afternoon seems pretty much sorted with Biswa, in the evening head to Cat Cafe Studio to play with little felines along with helping two very gentle men solve sexism. Adhiraj Singh and Rohan Desai have taken upon themselves to answer the bigger questions. Yes. Two Men Solve Sexism. As ironical it may seem, it also comes with a side-dish of laughter and some self-reflection for dessert!

Goodbye Monday blues, not only because it's a holiday but also you get to laugh some more at the FiLLi Cafe with It's Not Even Funny. Bhavish Ailani will be hosting an open mic for all comics and poets. New comics and surprise acts to make for a happy Monday. Looks like it's a good time for fresh comedy because Angadh Singh Ranyal will be taking the stage for full 60 minutes and share new jokes, he has chosen to call this 'Taaza Maal', and SnG comprising of Karan Talwar, Varun Thakur, Aadar Malik, Brij Bhakta, Neville Shah and Kautuk Srivastava are too coming up with new jokes, new stand-up acts, new improvs with Naya Maal.

Sonam Vora and N Sachhidanand have chosen Bharatnatyam, a classical Indian dance to mesmerize you with all the grace and rhythm telling stories of Gods and legends in their show Conversations with Krishna. For those of you looking to channel their creativity, Cat Cafe Studio is the place to be. Saturday night happy hours? Yes. But only difference being - happy hours is on poetry and not alcohol. The line-up features some very talented poets and will be hosted by Aranya Johar. Remember that video 'A Brown Girl's Guide to Gender', yes she's the one in it. What's life without a little bit of drama? Especially when it involves two kidnappers, a girl and a love story. Want to know how this twisted tale turns out? Find out at Stockholm - Naatakwaale's new play written and directed by Debanshu Shekhar.

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