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It's nearing month end and you should chose your spends wisely. If you want some comedy, some music, some movie and some plays or heck if you want all of it - make sure you don't have to rob a bank for that. These events under INR 500 will give you what you need and at a price that's totally worth it.

This Week's Special:

Soulmate’s ‘Spirit of Shillong’ India Tour, Mumbai | July 27

Comedy To Get You Through The Week:

13 FemaPalooza | July 26

Rough Book- New Material Night | July 26

Student Showcase | July 28 | 29

SNG Naya Maal | July 28

Kanan Gill Is Here On A Sunday | July 30

It's Not Even Funny : A Comedy Open Mic | July 30

Stories, Poetry, Art And Music For You:

Shaadi Kara Do Baba | July 27

Talli Tuesday | July 28 & 29

Happy Hours Poetry | July 29

Tribute to Linkin Park by Anthracite | July 29

Naatakwaale’s The LOSER | July 30

Converge | July 30

Explore Your City:

Malabar Hill Mayfair of Mumbai Walk | July 28

Footsteps to Freedom, Mumbai In The Independence Struggle Walk | July 29

Cycle Tour of Bombay | July 30

Feeling a little blue? Well, hold onto that feeling, not the sad kind of blue, but the rock n roll, jazzy, musical blues. All the way from the 'Scotland of the East' - Shillong, blues band Soulmate will be stopping by Bangalore on their India Tour. With Rudy Wallang on the guitar and Tipriti Khar's voice, accompanied by Leon Wallang and Vincent Tariang, the quartet has created some electrifying moments in Indian rock. Get your rock n roll on as this band on their 'Spirit of Shillong Tour' bring to you sounds that resonate with their hometown.

Take the stage, hold the mic and spread some laughs:

Ladies, circle around. It's going to be your night! Ratatouille's 13th Femapalooza is where the audience gets to see an all-female line up. With 10 women comprising of the already famous Jeeya Sethi, Supriya Joshi and Sonali Thakker, and some new comers - this show is what you need after a hard work's day. And if for some reason you can't make it to Femapalooza, there's another night for the ladies featuring all ladies at The Cuckoo Club.

Ever maintained a rough book? It's the place where you write, re-write, scratch and scribble, but you still hold it close to you. Rahul Subramanian, Siddharth Dudeja and Gaurav Kapoor will be opening their Rough Book for you, where they have written down some new jokes. You get to be the sample audience, and once the video goes viral, you also get to be the one to say 'Maine bhi help kiya isko'.

The students of Improv Comedy Mumbai are all geared up to showcase what they learnt in the school of comedy. Improv Student Showcase is where the young guns of comedy will perform improv. Those of you who are not familiar with concept, Improv comedy doubles up the fun quotient as you as an audience get to decide where the plot of the act goes. Based on your suggestions the improvisers give a twist to their tales. You want to change the character? They'll do it. You want to change the theme of the entire act? They'll do it! And that too in a hilarious way.

Are you always on the lookout for new jokes? New punches you can show off? SNG is here to save the day. Karan Talwar, Varun Thakur, Aadar Malik, Brij Bhakta, Neville Shah and Kautuk Srivastava from SNG will get you cracking up with some new material at The Cuckoo Club at their show aptly called Naya Maal.

Kanan Gill Is Here On A Sunday - there's no better explanation for this. The man himself after 'Keeping It Real' is back with new material for his fans. Head to The Cuckoo Club to catch Kanan Gill live on a Sunday while you enjoy snacks redeemable on your ticket.

Roll with laughter on Sunday at 'It's Not Even Funny'. Don't judge it for how it sounds, because Midnight Fill will make sure that you leave with happy vibes as some old and some new comics take the stage to give you a perfect end to the week.

Finding the right match is not a cakewalk. Your personalities have to match, you have to love one another, you have to trust one another. But for our man here, the issue is, he's not even reached that stage as women find it very difficult to be attracted to him. Reason: He's bald. Join in on this hilarious ride 'Shaadi Kar Do Baba' with Ashique Hussain as he seeks a new mantra, finds a match and now there's a big revelation on his wedding day.

There are drinks you regret, there are dates you regret. What happens when the two meet? Talli Tuesday is a play that tells the story of blind dates gone wrong, you could blame it on the alcohol though. Directed by Amitosh Nagpal, the play will feature Nora Fatehi, Neelima Sharma, Anuradha Mukherjee, Jahnavi Dave, Ankita Shrivastav, Vishwas Kini, Maneesh Verma, Purnanand, Vipin Heero and Rahul Bagga. Catch this talented ensemble at Harkat Studios.

Debanshu Shekhar's The Loser is back to tell you the story of Dipen Mishra, an engineer looking for an out from his dull work life. And to do so, he finds loopholes in the matters of business and puts his colleagues in different funny lists - all in his head though. Catch this man on an escapade at Independence Brewing Company.

'Poetry is depressing', there's something wrong with that statement, don't you think? Happy Hours Poetry is here to change the stereotype and put a smile on your face with poetries that are all about the happy vibes. Some very talented poets will be at Cat Cafe Studio to share their happy thoughts.

#Travelgoals is soon catching up, but before you go on fulfilling your bucket lists, Converge gives you a chance to explore various cultures under one roof. AISEC's Converge 2017 is a cultural spectacle with around 100+ participants from over 40 countries. Conversations, cuisines, music and souvenirs for you to experience. Also, to keep you entertained through the day will be stand-up comedian Sapan Verma, Simar Singh and Navdeep Singh from UnErase Poetry, and Ram Subramaniam.

The world mourned over the passing of Linkin Park singer Chestor Bennington, but the most affected was the music community and their fans who lost an idol. Anthracite known to have covered the band often in their gigs will be paying tribute to the late singer this Saturday. Join in at Hard Rock Cafe as they pay their respects to Chestor Bennington.

Raconteur Walks wants you to step out and explore this city you've been living in. Here's your chance to visit places that gives Mumbai it's charm. You can choose to do it on foot or peddle your way through the city. If you've always wanted to catch the perfect glimpse of the Mumbai Skyline, Chowpatty Beach is the ideal place to do so. While you're there visit Banganga tank, Jain temple at ‘teen batti’, Walkeshwar, Kamla Nehru Park and Hanging Gardens on Malabar Hill Mayfair of Mumbai Walk. Want to get enchanted by Mumbai's old world antique vibe? A cycle ride should do the trick. Better keep your cameras handy as you will definitely feel the urge to capture the old Town Hall building, Ballard Estate, Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus Railway Station, Flora Fountain, Kala Ghoda and Colaba Causeway on your Cycle Tour of Bombay. Independence day is just around the corner and there's no better way to commemorate the day than by visiting places that were a part of the Independence struggle. Visit August Kranti Maidan, Mani Bhuvan, Chowpatty Beach, Indian Navy mutiny, High court, Town Hall and Gateway of India with Footsteps to Freedom.

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