Experience intense healing with Shamanic meditation - 2nd Edition

July 17 | 9PM
The Imperial Club
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Experience intense healing with Shamanic meditation! By Zubin Mistry 

Sound frequencies of ancient Shamanic drum patterns can have a deeply positive impact on your mind, body, and soul. Rejuvenate with an hour-long Karmic healing session to ease the energy flow through your chakras. Join the Thriive community to experience the vibes of STEM, that is, Shamanic Trance Energy Meditation and allow new beginnings to blossom!

STEM is a divinely channeled 1 hr intense Karmic healing meditation session.

STEM THERAPY specializes in healing through SOUND frequencies and ancient shamanic Drum patterns. 

This powerful process helps to clear the energy flow in your 7 Chakras, Re-wires your past Negative DNA patterns and takes u to a state of deep relaxation of the mind, body, and soul. 

1. Where you can heal your past with a past life regression therapy with our certified healers.

2. Live and enjoy the now frequencies of sound and 

3. Manifest a magical life through the process of positive visualizations and affirmations in your meditative state during the session. 

 We have worked on various sound patterns and frequencies over the past 21 years with thousands of our clients experiencing a shift in consciousness, and the results are astonishing

The instrument used for our sessions are.:

  • Shamanic drums 
  • Tibetian Singing Bells/Bowls 
  • South Indian Gantham 

STEM is a 3 level advance sound meditative journey done eighter by sitting down or lying down with closed eyes.

The process starts with getting your entire body relaxed through a guided meditation, Bells, Singing Bowls, Gantham and finally the shamanic drum.

The process ends with the bells and a guided process of bring u back and awaken. 


It's an experience that cannot be described in words it has to be felt with your 5 senses. 


Thriive Art & Soul Meditation Community Testimonials:

It was Great,it was my first guided meditation.To an extent was able to concentrate but not full time.Maybe would love to have some more sessions in the future. 

~ Manasi Jayakar

Brilliant could completely shed my inhibitions and disconnect with the outside world and drown in her mystic music & talk.. It was a complete physical n mental workout 


It was my 1st time meditating in Meher BABAs energies, for the very 1st time I was completely in inner silence only chanting BABAs name , so for me it was a divine experience. 

~ by SweetteeSAI 


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Sorry, this show is already over but head here for other fun events!