Frames of Silence

May 30 | 6PM
Arpana Fine Arts Gallery
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Frames of Silence

Exhibition of abstract paintings by Shahanshah Mittal

30th May - 4th June 2019

Shahanshah’s current work is a continuum of the journey he began four years back. He says that he does not work with a lot of thought in mind. He thoroughly enjoys the freedom and allows things to flow in a natural way. He prefers his works to remain devoid of heavy concepts and intellectual contexts, and most prefers the viewer to layer his creation with their own experiences. While most his works celebrate the formlessness, he relies on his education in the applied arts and his short stint with an advertisement agency. On closer inspection, one can see the repeated use of triangle form and grids. “We used to make colour chart manually at the agency and somehow that form itself stayed with me,” he explains. In fact, the simple dummy text of X’s and O’s, used as placeholder as a graphic designer, percolate into his works. At his studio, his constant companion is classical music.

He is intrigued by the poetry and lyrics in the songs. He recreates the words from these songs, although, there is never an intent to make it legible. The ‘forms’ appear like text but have no meaning; they do not even use a script, as such. Overall tones and textures of his canvasses appear like weathered and dilapidated walls. Shahanshah vividly recalls staying in a one-room rented apartment when he first moved to Delhi. He spent hours in the room, the walls of which were aged. “The paint of the walls was peeling off and at places explored the base plaster. The balcony had potted flowering-plants. As a result, I had these two things that I most observed. I began to enjoy the very character of the wall at one side, and beauty of the flowers on the other. Every so often, these too find their way in my works although it’s all subconscious,” he says. Even the layered paper strips that he uses draw, inspiration from the patch-up work on the walls to hide and mend cracks. 

Rahul Kumar

January 2019

Part of 'I AM - Identity Art Marathon',

24 day multi disciplinary art festival from 24th May to 16th June 2019


Curator: Aakshat SInha

Organiser: Untitled Creations Private Limited

Media partner: Media net Works

Design partner: Choorma

Venue Partner: Arpana Fine Arts Gallery, New Delhi


Arpana Fine Arts Gallery

Arpana Fine Arts Gallery, Academy of Fine Arts and Literature, 4/6 Siri Fort Institutional Area, Opp. Gate No. 2, Siri Fort Auditorium, New Delhi 110049. Metro Green Park.

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Sorry, this show is already over but head here for other fun events!