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Enjoy carefully selected featuring award-winning theatre professionals from around the world. Together, with our theatre development team, we bring you live performances & interactive workshops that you can attend from home.
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Build your storytelling & performance skills with a range of exclusive online masterclasses, handpicked especially for aspiring professionals. Pick what interests you the most - be it writing, editing, producing or even acting, and participate in workshops from the comfort of your couch.



Prepare to welcome noteworthy productions from India and all over the world, as they bring the drama to your home. Witness stories from all your favorite genres - comedy, drama, romance, contemporary, or how about a completely new interactive format? Make a plan, sit back, and enjoy the show.

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Nadir Khan

Lockdowns and social-distancing provide much disturbance to a form that is essentially a dialogue between a performer and a live audience. At its very core, however, the theatre is about story-telling; stories that excite, entertain, provoke, educate and inspire. With Front & Centre, we’re hoping to provide a home for theatre practitioners to work, innovate, collaborate, engage audiences and continue doing just that - tell their stories. Albeit online, for now.

Creative Consultant, Front & Centre | Director
Quasar Thakore Padamsee

These are strange, strange times. And the future of live performance lies in the hands of all of its partners and stakeholders. Being able to host our performance on Insider, and allowing audiences to come there and access it has opened up new avenues. This is collaboration between partners at its best. It's new. It's innovative. And it's very much needed.

Artistic Director, QTP | Director, Every Brilliant Thing
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