Genius Kids Brain Development Workshop for kids aged 5 to 16 years

September 22 | 4PM
Venue to be announced, Mumbai
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Dear Parents,

Isn't modern-day parenting challenging for most?

The idea of securely raising children with all-around stability can be daunting. We could all do with a little bit of help. Some of us can get to the heart of the matter. But we also need to address the head. 

We have seen many kids from the past 10 years who can achieve much more success than they achieved, but because of improper guidance and training, they had not done so.

Few More Questions for you

Do you want your child to excel in all areas of life?

Do you want your child to be a genius?

Do you want your child to be a fast learner and be more confident? 

If Your Answer is YES!! Please join us for a Powerful Workshop "Igniting Minds" for kids aged 5 to 16 years only on 22nd Sept, Sunday, Mumbai along with a powerful and fun-filled parenting session.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Please note this workshop is for kids aged 5 to 16 years only. Also, both parents are mandatory to accompany the child for the workshop.


What will you discover in this Workshop:-


1. How to understand different personality types and how effective communication strategies can lead to a better relationship with your child

2. How to drastically improve memory skills in your child.

3. How to build key life skills in kids for greater success in life.

4. How our scientifically-driven advance programs can help your kids to lead a healthy and successful life ahead.


This Workshop will help your kids understand some simple but extremely powerful techniques used by the top 1% of learners and memory record holders in the world and help you with effective parenting.


Our Program Access to Success is India's first holistic child development program designed to help kids aged 5-16 years to identify their true potential and with it, their path to a lifetime of happiness and success by combining Dermatoglyphics Multiple Intelligence Analysis application with a Whole Brain Development workshop. 

It is based on Nobel Prize-winning researches and endorsed by eminent professionals in the fields of Education and Child Psychology in India.

Seats are limited as this is a FREE Workshop. Please hurry up and confirm your slots now!!

Terms & Conditions

Sorry, this show is already over but head here for other fun events!