Take your events online with Paytm Insider!

Take your events online with Paytm Insider!

Say hello to the fastest way to set up and manage your digital events.

A little over a year ago, a small team at Paytm Insider began work on an experimental project called “Digital Events”. We believed that the transformational experience of going to an event could also be experienced online. This way artists and fans could transcend limitations of location, accessibility and seasonality. These events would combine live streaming technology with powerful interactive features that allowed participants to engage with each other and creators.

This journey has been fast-tracked because of the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic. In the last month, outdoor entertainment has come to a complete standstill. The need of the hour is to take our beloved events and experiences digital!

With this in mind, today we are pleased to announce the first step in opening up this platform for our organisers and creators! Starting today, organisers can publish, ticket and manage their digital events on Paytm Insider. We currently support Zoom-based event publishing and will be adding support for more platforms soon. This is a convenient, effective and fast way to set up and market your online events.

Publish your digital event in 3 simple steps

As an event organiser, all you need to do is:

1. Create an event — select “Online event” as the event type

2. Set up the event time, details, duration, capacity and ticket price

3. Publish the event

That’s pretty much all, really! Sounds too easy?

That is because our integrated backend takes care of everything else for you — and we mean every single thing. An event is created automatically for you at the set time on the supported web conferencing platform (Zoom).

Once an event is published, the platform manages bookings per show based on the capacity set by the organiser. Customers who purchase tickets get their access details on the ticket and a reminder when the show is about to go live. Organisers can also send timely reminders and messages to the attendees from the backend via WhatsApp or Email.

When it is time to go live with your event, organisers can go to their event page on the backend and click “Start Hosting” — and you are live!

Creator-friendly pricing

For free digital events, listing on Paytm Insider is absolutely free. For paid event formats, the commission model is as below. We have designed the fee structure with you in mind to make this shift easier.

Why Paytm Insider?

  • Distribution to 10 million+ user base across Paytm Insider and Paytm
  • Ease of event listing and management from a single platform
  • Competitive pricing
  • Access to user reports and insights

And we have a lot more in store! We have always believed in the transformational power of shared experiences. We are working overtime to bring the same emotion of singing along with tens of thousands of fans or hearing the thunderous applause of 30,000 match attendees or attending workshops with other enthusiasts to a digital screen near you! Back soon with more!

P.S. We also run a slack community for event organisers and creators to discuss their ideas, and also to get creative and technical guidance on how to improve on setting up their digital events.
Join here.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need a paid Zoom account to list digital events delivered via Zoom?
No. A Zoom account will be set up automatically for you by the system once you list your digital event on Paytm Insider. No need for you to sign up or upgrade to a professional plan on Zoom independently.

I have an existing Zoom account, can I use that to list a digital event?
Not at the moment. The digital event creation is linked to Paytm Insider’s Zoom account. You can still list your event using the regular event creation process and email the customers a meeting link upon purchase.

Is there a threat of outside audiences joining my event without buying tickets on Paytm Insider?
Digital event e-tickets via Paytm Insider are safe in this way — each link can be accessed to and joined by the registered ticket buyer only once and cannot be transferred to someone else. However, if you wish to share the event with collaborators or sponsors, you can do so via the Zoom portal subject to prior approval.

Do my event buyers need a Zoom account to participate?
Yes, users need to sign in to Zoom using the email credentials entered while booking the ticket to be able to join the event. This is to prevent the abuse of event links for your ticketed events.

Can I live stream my events on the Paytm Insider apps as well for interested folks to watch for free?
Yes, very soon! We are working on making this possible and available for organisers.

Can I pay to promote my event to the featured spot on Paytm Insider?
Yes, like IRL events, we handle marketing and promotions for your event on Paytm Insider and on social media for a premium. Get in touch for further information.

How will I receive payouts for tickets sold?
If you are already registered with us, payouts work as per the usual payment schedule. For new users, we will need some information to onboard you and once set, the payouts will follow. Get in touch for more on this.

Great! How do I gain access to this publishing tool?
Write to us at clientservicing@insider.in with your requirements and we will set up your access to publish on Paytm Insider.

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