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Learn a new skill or pick something that really interests you. Dance, doodle, bake, brew, or write your own haiku.


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Who’s up for some Game Nights? Ludo, PUBG, Chess, FIFA, Housie - so many games that the only thing you’ll be saying at the end of a good game will be “What day is it?"

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Go out at home, matlab?

Go Out At Home. Yes; that’s it, that’s the message. You know how they say, the world is your stage? Well, right now your home is your world, and thus - the stage. And on this stage, some of the freshest live experiences are going down. So, come on. Let’s go out at home!

Where can you go out at home!

On the couch; On the bed; On the couch while it’s on the bed. On the way, you’ll see some roadblocks like the unfolded sheets from last week, but just look away & you’ll be on the fastest path to your destination. Don’t make kiki, do you love me videos while driving, please.

When? Time bata.

From whenever AM to whenever PM. Actually, anytime o’clock. In fact, abhi dekh le - there’s always something on.

Par how do I go out at home?

Key is to find a nice spot. Your favourite one works (we trust you). Pick a comfy position, mood anusaar. Get pants or pyjamas, depending on what’s washed. Test surface comfort before laying in by bouncing on it, multiple times. Now breathe in, breathe out and go out (at home).