16 mm Film Festival, Harkat Studios

The 16mm film festival is our way of celebrating film as a medium. Of re-connecting with a medium that has shaped the world’s cinematic history. As we zoom past Instagram filters, automated editing apps on our phones and countless banal videos on our timeline, Harkat wants to travel back to a time of Celluloid film. It seems almost utopian now, a time when film making was slow, meticulous and reserved for the select few patient enough to spend hours on formulating a piece of art which could only be admired in a cinema hall. We want to relive the magic of churning a film through a projector onto a speck less cloth, evoking the tangible quality of the medium. This year, we bring alive the magic of film through a host of screenings, including feature presentations, short films, talks and two very exciting hands-on workshops spread over 3 days from the 14-16th of December. The 16mm Film Festival is organised by Harkat, an alternative arts space and a film production studio based in Mumbai and Berlin in collaboration with Kodak. This year, we also have partnerships with LaborBerlin and the Goethe Institut, Mumbai. Welcome to the magic of celluloid, welcome to Harkat!