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Multiple Batches | 6PM
Kurla Terminal LTT
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Waterfalls have been major goals when it comes to planning a getaway with friends. Every corner of India has its own famous waterfall destinations wherein people spend most of their weekends. Visiting waterfalls immediately connects us to something delightful & worth the time!

Gokak waterfall is all this & much more. Water flow from the black fields & over the rocky belt has been a magnificent visual to watch. It feels as if minute by minute you are leaving all the glimpses of bad memories, work pressures & all unnecessary stress behind. As if you are rejuvenating to become your true self, refreshed & all set to live a happy life again.

Yes, it feels that fantastic. For a hardcore traveler, such destinations mean a lot. They like to save it in their memories as emotional anecdotes. Gokak's beauty lies in the echo which resonates when water taps on the rocks & then flows down the valley. It's something awesome, which no one should miss.

If you are a true traveler, you should Gokak Waterfall right away! It emerges from a point where river Ghatapatra separates from Malaprabha river by Belgaum hills flow. The sandstone cliff, where the river water takes a leap of 170 ft, looks like a horseshoe. They say it’s a lot similar to Niagara Falls.


● A refreshing getaway

● Suitable to be visited by your group of friends

● Peace & jovial vibes at its best.

Godachinmalki Falls:

These falls are famously known as Markandeya falls. Another water gem located in Belgaum district of Karnataka. Covered in a green rugged valley, these falls are your next calm halt after you have explored mesmerizing Gokak. Most often, tourists come here to enjoy the cold shower that these falls offer. The waterfalls on the rock above 10 ft & then flows down the hill. It is like that destination where you and your friends hang out once in a year without fail. Just enjoy cold & refreshing weather. It’s that time of the year again. Book your trip now with us.


Set for your nearest railway station. You should plan such that you reach on time.
We will be right there at LTT railway station at 18:00 Hrs to welcome you!
Board an LTT Hubli Express. Initiate your journey to Ghatprabha on an exciting note.
Have a great journey.

Day 2
Get ready to experience, Gokak Waterfall
We’ll reach Ghatprabha by 06:30 am. Quickly freshen up and munch on some breakfast.
By 8.30am sharp, you’ll reach Gokak Falls. Camera’s ready?
Explore, click selfies, research, hang out, breathe fresh air, etc. Just have a great time!
A must visit: Mahalingeshwara Temple
After a delicious lunch, we set to visit Godchinamalaki Falls.
Enjoy thrilling waterfalls. At 5 pm, we proceed to Ghatprabha Station.
Get into Lokmanya TT Express, sharp at 7.30pm from Ghatprabha.

Day 3
Return to your respective towns (Pune/Mumbai)
You reach Pune by 2:50 pm and Reach Mumbai by 07:15 am
We await lots of Happy Pictures from the tour on your social media feeds!

Things to Carry

Any Identity Proof
Torch with sufficient batteries.
Water Bottle (2 Ltrs)
Enough pair of clothes and Shoes
Food, cakes, snacks, etc.
Sunscreen lotion, moisturiser
Scarf, hats, caps, etc.
Energy drinks, Nimbu Sharbat, medicine kit.
DSLRs are mandatory (haha!)
Please do not carry any valuables.

What is included in this tour?

Train tickets(sleeper class) to Ghatprabha and Back will be taken care of by us
Breakfast and Lunch once we start exploring Gokak & Godachinmalki falls
Entree and Permit Fee and 5% GST
First AID and expertise in dealing with different situations.
We will book a Private Vehicle for Sightseeing. A great ride awaits you!

What not included in this tour?

Any expenses of personal nature are excluded.
Expenses for food on the train, excluded.

Monsoon Safety Measures

Put clothes, money, camera, phone etc in polythenes while packing
Wear shoes with good grips
Use repellents to keep bugs away
Make note of nearest railway station, bus stop, taxi stand etc.
Do not stray away from your group during the trek
Keep family and friends informed about your whereabouts


Avoid wearing precious Jewelry while trekking, as Travel Trikon won’t be responsible for any losses for the same. Consuming liquor or any kind of Alcoholic substance is prohibited. Carrying any kind of substance that’s illegal is not allowed. Smoking is strictly not allowed. Anybody found smoking or consuming alcoholic drinks will be expelled from the event without refund.

Fitness and Health – Though trekking is a fun-filled activity, it demands good amount of physical fitness. If you are under medication, please carry your medicines. During the trek, leaders will have over the counter medication for temporary treatment, so do give a heads up to them if you need any medical assistance.


Kurla Terminal LTT

3-2/4, Kurla East, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400089

Terms & Conditions

Sorry, this show is already over but head here for other fun events!