December 21 | 8PM
Garden House Café
249 onwards
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Show Description: Good times bad times is a duo comedy show where 2 struggling comedians talk about really light and really dark topics. One of them will explain how he thinks terrorist attacks only affect people according to geographical distance while the other one will tell you the weird thing about coconut trees. Basically, if you really like comedy but can't pick a genre, these 2 will give you both ends of the spectrum in one dish.

Artist Bio: 

Tarang Hardikar: Tarang Hardikar is a comic from Pune who does clean observational comedy routines. For being someone who is so awkward that he has to come on stage and tell it to everyone, his very physical and idiosyncratic delivery style brings the most mundane topics to life. He has performed alongside comics like Sumit Anand, Akash Mehta, Naveen Richards, Jaspreet Singh and more.

Rahul Pal: Rahul pal is a peculiar comic with whom you can't tag any Indian state. He's the result of an awkward mixture of north and south Indian culture.

He serves you raw stories of hypocrisy, stereotype, and humanity that Indians live and breathe. If you can digest that, better call pal coz he's the guy who will fire up all the cherries on top and make you take off the drapes and look at the world with a little bit more empathy.


Garden House Café

251-Gora Designer Lane, 2, Shahpur Jat, Siri Fort, New Delhi, Delhi 110049


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Sorry, this show is already over but head here for other fun events!