Groove Fest

September 1 | 5 PM
Maniram Dewan Trade Centre, Guwahati


Groove Fest Presents Luke Holland Asia tour 2019. Learn how to be a successful YouTube star as a drummer and a musician. This clinic will be a mix of learning and show case from the artist. 

Artist description:

Luke Daniel Holland (born June 14, 1993) is an American drummer and musician, most popular for his YouTube videos. Luke was born in Peoria, Arizona. Despite his father being a professional drummer, Luke gained interest in the drums after hearing his neighbor playing at the age of 10. Around the same time, Luke bought his first drum kit having saved up enough money after mowing lawns for a year. Self-taught, he played the snare drum in his high school marching band for a year and a half at Peoria High School throughout 2007 and 2008


Maniram Dewan Trade Centre, Guwahati

ISBT Flyover, AHOM GAON, Guwahati, Assam 781034

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