Watch Some Incredible Theatre Performances In Mumbai!

There are some really interesting plays coming to the city this month. Go on, get out and (watch a) play!

Balle Balle, a magnificent Broadway-styled musical comedy!

8PM, Thu - Sun, Bal Gandharva Rang Mandir, Bandra

Wizcraft brings to you the biggest and craziest Indian wedding on stage with Balle Balle! Dazzling costumes, super-hit Bollywood music, breathtaking choreography, a comedy of errors, entangled love stories and phenomenal live singing make it an outstanding show.

Double Deal Reloaded

December 15, 16, 22, 24, 7.30PM, The Royal Opera House

A story of deceit, betrayal and greed. Jeet helps Rhea pay her grocery bill in a store and therein starts their friendship. What starts off as an innocent encounter between strangers turns out to be a roller-coaster ride of deceit and betrayal.

The Scent Of A Man

December 17, 3PM, The Royal Opera House

A riotous & uproarious adult comedy on lust, lies and infidelity, pickled and flavoured with a generous dose of caustic repartees, sharp wit, sly asides and unbridled sarcasm. The domestic comedy centres on two married couples; it won’t be long before you start to recognise characters and situations that may have appeared in your own life.


  • "You actually feel like you've set foot in a posh South Bombay apartment, and that's quite an achievement on stage." - Times of India
  • "An ideal representation of a bold script, which uses its theatrical elements to stimulate individual performances. A visual portrayal of a fast-flowing riotous and up-roaring adult comedy" - UrbanAsian

Drama Queen

December 17th, 7.30PM, The Royal Opera House

In her candid, wacky, madcap biography, Suchitra Krishnamoorthi takes you on her journey, five years post marriage, divorce, fame and everything that a girl from a 'decent' Indian family would want. An irresistibly honest biographical play that will make you laugh, cry and look at the modern Indian woman in a whole new light.

2 To Tango, 3 To Jive

December 23, 3PM, The Royal Opera House

What happens when the proverbial midlife crisis barges through the doors of Parminder Singh Sethi's mundane existence? Caught between continuing with his monotonous life and the enticing prospect of turning things around; this comedy-drama chronicles Parminder's practical, comic, ambivalent, confusing and passionate journey.


  • "The best comes out of Siddiqui, who is spunky, thus doing justice to the best written lines in the play." - Times of India
  • "Director Saurabh Shukla couldn't have done better." - Mumbai Theatre Guide
  • "Saurabh Shukla hits a century with his play" - DNA

Bottoms Up!

December 23, 4PM, Tata Theatre, NCPA

The next chapter of the record-breaking, Hinglish musical revue is here! In a bigger, bolder, better, musical and topical version, the new Bottoms Up! is a satirical take on today's politicians, budget airlines, news channels and their aggressive anchors, the education system, advertising, traffic snarls and everything else under the sun.


  • "With a stellar cast and some pretty risqué humour, Bottoms Up was a great way to spend an evening." - The Hindu
  • "Bharat Dabholkar brings back this bawdy extravaganza in an all-new avatar, with a fresh cast and fresher jokes." - Mid Day

Blame It On Yashraj

Decemeber 23, 8PM, Tata Theatre, NCPA

A hilarious story of a Punjabi/Bengali family caught up in the whirlwind of a wedding getting bigger and bigger by the day, when their darling daughter decides to marry a Muslim boy. It pokes fun at our prejudices, our peculiar wedding planning behaviour, invitee lists, menu, décor and the final bow to the almighty... Bollywood!


  • "Trust Ashwin Gidwani to raise the bar on an out an out entertaining show." - Mumbai Theatre Review
  • "‘Blame it on Yash Raj’ casts a spell on city residents" - The Tribune, Punjab


December 23, 8PM, The Royal Opera House

Set in picturesque Kashmir during winter, the desperate parents of an ailing child and an unsuspecting doctor are caught in a whirlwind of conflicting questions about truth, reality and belief. Barff raises many questions like this one - do we experience truth together or do we all have our own different versions?


  • "The performances by the three players come across as sparklingly spontaneous. The set, lighting and the sound are technically perfect and creatively vibrant." - Mumbai Theatre Review
  • "Saurabh Shukla’s powerful acting impresses" - The Free Press Journal
  • "Rarely does one come across a play that presents ideological conflict disguised as a spine-chilling thriller spilling over with edge-of-the-seat suspense about what is going to happen next." - The Citizen

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