Hello Farmaaish! | The Hindu Theatre Fest

August 18 | 7:30PM
The Museum Theatre, Egmore
250 - 590
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In a forgotten hamlet, three village misfits use a community radio to follow Kalpana Chawla’s odyssey to space. Their daily broadcast sets off a flight of imagination and misadventures. As Space Shuttle Columbia takes off into the earth’s outer orbit, teddy-bear makers in a remote village hear about Kalpana Chawla’s mission into space. Minaz, a young girl and Gita, her older teacher venture on a path to track the odyssey that captures their imagination. BBC Hindi and Akashwani report the news as dry data, but the vivid minds of Minaz and Gita see in it, discovery and passion. They convince local RJ Bobby to give them air space on his community radio. Their show explores the universe in a way they themselves never can. But further on their journey, they find themselves in uncharted skies. Daily callers wonder if buffaloes can fly, a confounded farmer worries that the Black Hole has swallowed his prized donkey. The inexperienced RJs broaden their minds and win the hearts of the villagers, making their weekend radio broadcast the village favourite, next only to B R Chopra’s epic, Mahabharat. Hello Farmaish! is a heartwarming story of resourceful women who surpass the limitations of society and their surroundings, to reinvent the world they live in.

Age Limit: 10+ years

Language: Hindi


Abhishek Chauhan

Adithi Kalkunte

Priyanka Setia

Puja Sarup

Tanvi Lehr Sonigra

Vaishali Bisht

Jaymin Thakkar

Rahul Kumar Brar

Akshay Shimpi

Yuki Ellias



The Museum Theatre, Egmore

Pantheon Rd, Egmore, Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600008

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Sorry, this show is already over but head here for other fun events!