Honest Conversations Over Coffee

November 24 | 5PM
Kunzum Travel Cafe, Gurgaon
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We wanted to begin with a meet - a place where individuals can interact, which is:

A 'non judgemental, honest place' where we have people from different age groups gender ,political and social opinions, sexuality etc etc having honest ,interesting conversations. We would love to see a 18 year old heterosexual liberal girl talking to a 65 year old gay man,openly without preconceived notions

A 'no bullshit policy' where we don't smalltalk. Where you have conversations without pretense or political correctness and where you don't want to talk about something you just say "I don't want to", instead of some random BS to avoid.

Not deep philosophical stuff only, but all that matters - First loves to dreams to inane but brilliant bollywood movies to weird experiences.

Neither labels or legacy - For most of us the second or third question is " so what do you do?". We are not sure if this is only in our culture but we need to have an identity beyond our designations , money or our family. It would be interesting if we avoided these questions - and talked about our interests , who we really are.

Self supporting - The idea would be to have more than one of these meets and for this to happen it has to be self supporting. There will be minimal cost which goes for the coffee , promoting the event and time of those who put this together.

‎No tech, no addictions - We are all for freedom of choice but we should be able to have 'real conversations' without

being a few drinks down or constantly scrolling through our Facebook. So all mobile devices will be on airplane mode

and there will be coffee but no alcohol.


The time mentioned is 5 pm, please be on time. We start at 5:15, those entering after 5:30 wont be allowed or a refund provided.

The cost covers a cup of coffee/tea & snack/cookie

the group:Coffee & Conversations' :https://www.facebook.com/groups/763033493902732/?ref=br_rs

context: https://www.facebook.com/Brandlogist/posts/1877676078959894


Kunzum Travel Cafe, Gurgaon

A40 Kibithu Villas Complex, Sector 47 Opposite Good Earth City Centre / Hilton Garden Inn Baani Square, Haryana 122018

Terms & Conditions

Sorry, this show is already over but head here for other fun events!