The Insider Playlist: Catch These Artists Live In Delhi in December

There are several artists, across genres, playing in the Capital City this month. Having trouble deciding? Check out Insider's playlist before you go!

The Bluegrass Journeymen: Bluegrass

The 6-member band is a collaboration of accomplished musicians, rediscovering the roots of traditional American Bluegrass Music. A rare species, they're right now on their tour across India.

Catch The Bluegrass Journeymen: Dec 05, The Bar Cat

Kefaya: Jazz / World Music

An extremely interesting act who describe themselves as an 'International music collective formed and led by London-based musicians & producers Giuliano Modarelli and Al MacSween'. Their music spans several genres - expect bits of folk, Arabic, Indian and rock here. Definitely worth a watch.

Catch Kefaya: 03 Dec, Lock & Key; 05 Dec, The Piano Mann Jazz Club

Sanam: Indipop

The boyband phenom has a massive online following for their covers, originals and slick videos. As they go on tour, they make a stopover in Delhi, and you can be certain it will be a gig to remember!

Catch Sanam: Dec 23, Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium

Soulmate: Blues rock

Probably the best blues rock band in the country, with Rudy Wallang on guitar and the terrific vocals of Tirpriti "Tips" Kharbangar, the band has packed rooms wherever it plays, and for good reason!

Catch Soulmate: Dec 29, HRC Saket

Youngblood: Electro-pop

The project of Vancouver singer Alexis Young, Youngblood touches base at Mumbai & Delhi before heading off to play at Bacardi NH7 Weekender. Her brand of electro-pop will find several takers!

Catch Youngblood: Dec 07, Auro Kitchen & Bar

Bad Pop: Punk / Rock

If you're headed to the Youngblood gig, then you have one more act to catch! Playing with them are fellow Vancouver-ites, Bad Pop. A totally fun (and slightly eccentric - as you will see from this video) band, they play a modern take of punk. You can watch them too, at Bacardi NH7 Weekender.

Catch Bad Pop: Dec 07, Auro Kitchen & Bar

Lautaro Tissera: Jazz / acoustic guitar

Lautaro Tissera Favaloro is an Argentinian guitarist, performing as a soloist. He is the founder of the Espacio Cultural Don Juan, located in La Plata (Argentina). His path within Argentinian music, guided by tango and Argentinian folk rhythms, has offered him many opportunities to share on stage musical experiences in the company of famous artists.

Catch Lautaro Tissera: Dec 04, Lock & Key

EYM: Jazz

Formed in France in 2010, EYM Trio is the union of the pianist Elie Dufour, the double bassist Yann Phayphet and drummer Marc Michel. In a short time, they created a strong repertoire including personal compositions, covers and creations inspired by ethnic influences of Jazz with colors from North Africa, Bulgaria, Romania, and India.

Catch EYM: 06 Dec, Lock & Key, 07 Dec, The Piano Man Jazz Club

Madame Gandhi: Hip-hop

Kiran, aka Madame Gandhi, is an LA-based electronic music artist and activist who uses her drums and vocals to elevate and celebrate the female voice. Catch her while she's en route to performing at BACARDI NH7 Weekender!

Catch Madame Gandhi: Dec 08, Auro Kitchen & Bar

Nok Nok: Alt-rock

NOKnok is a band from New Delhi, India that offers a fresh perspective on the Blues and Alternative music. Comprising of a trio of seasoned Musician's from bands such as Barefaced Liar, the Ska Vengers and Zokova, NOKNOK have been working on their original material for the better part of a year.

Catch Nok Nok: Dec 06, Raasta

Sapta: Electronic

An exciting electronic act from Chennai, Sapta consists of Marti Bharat and Tapas Naresh, and have been a mainstay on the circuit and festivals for a while. Experience a very different take on electronic music during their act!

Catch Sapta: Dec 08, Auro Kitchen & Bar

Sofia Ashraf: Rap

Mumbai-based Sofia Ashraf tries to address the negligence of corporations that fail to clean up industrial disasters. Her 2008 song "Don't Work for Dow" criticizes Dow's failure to compensate victims of the 1984 Bhopal gas tragedy in India. Her 2015 "Kodaikanal Won't", addressed mercury pollution in Kodaikanal from a thermometer factory owned by Unilever, and shot her to social media fame.

Catch Sofia Ashraf: Dec 08, Auro Kitchen & Bar

Soulbridge: Rock

Their music is a combination of heavy and punchy guitar driven hooks, to more subtle & melodic chord driven arrangements. They released their first album, Survive, in September 2017.

Catch Soulbridge: Dec 15, HRC Saket

Mn' JAM Experiement: Electro-Jazz

Mn'JAM Experiment is a collective led by M (the singer) and JAM (electronics/visual artist). It’s an audio-visual jazz project that uses groundbreaking multi-medium experimentation, blending live looping, electronics, visuals, drum n’ bass grooves and turntables. This multi-medium performance takes visual arts and music to another level where performers' interactivity goes beyond the usual instruments and music and reaches out to the visual and digital world.'

Catch Mn'JAM Experiment: Dec 07, Akshara Theatre.

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